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When America faced its ultimate crisis, the second civil war, a leader emerged that unified the fractured country. However, in order to reunite all the warring states, he had to restructure the government and restore order. In doing so, the country changed from a democracy to a monarchy. Reluctantly, General Asilas Roman became America's first king. This is the story of King Asilas, an American patriot who became the center of the country's most definitive time in history and the people he trusted during his reign as America's first absolute ruler.

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Season: 1 Episode: 1

Website. General Asilas Roman is given the authority to save the United States from collapse after a crippling civil war from the weak and indecisive president. Asilas uses his military genius to wreck the plans of five separatist groups of states and unifies the country. In the wake of this reunification, the decision was made by the shadow government referred to as the “Monsters” that the United States would change from a democracy to an absolute monarchy, and naming General Asilas Roman as the nation’s first king.

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Season: 1 Episode: 2

Support Us. As King Asilas settles into his role as absolute ruler of America, he privately struggles with night terrors and reveals this to Dr. Ezekiel, his private psychiatrist. Asilas has a change of heart and does right by his people, which puts him at odds with the secret power group referred to as the Monsters. Asilas and his close friend Quintin Capone devise a plan to outmaneuver the monsters as they move against him, and comes to grip with the realization the object of his affection, Abigail Sierra, is actually a pawn in the master plan to bring him down.

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Season: 1 Episode: 3

Website. King Asilas tries to filter through who in his inner circle are working with the group of shadow government people he refers to as the “Monsters.” He meets with the English King as a matter or formality, discovers the royal families from around the globe are conspiring against him and America, but sends an firm message in an epic speech before thousands. Asilas and Capone begin the next phase of their plan to counter the underground actions of the group.

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Season: 1 Episode: 4

Like us on Facebook! The country’s new Minister of Interior, Jeremy Oreb, discovers Russian terrorists active in neighboring Canada are plotting massive attacks on the New Kingdom and planning the assassination of King Asilas. The intensity builds as King Asilas and America contemplate the possibility of waging war with Canada.

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Season: 1 Episode: 5

Minister Oreb, at the behest of King Asilas, sets out to destroy the moguls of the entertainment industry by exposing their connection to The Monster Group, the occult and the Devil himself. What first appears to be an old fashioned witch trial becomes an all out assault on the king’s insistence on controlling every aspect of people’s lives. The trial turns into a purging of demonic influence on American society, but not before the king is subjected to accusations of racism and fascism.

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Season: 1 Episode: 6

King Asilas is visited by a strange man who claims to be the angel Gabriel when he wakes from a day nap. Asilas is convinced Gabriel is truly an angel and is instructed to decipher an ancient stone tablet and search for two immortals on earth. Capone deals with marital problems when it is discovered he has been having several affairs. Special appearance by Alex Olsen of the Everlasting Beholders in this unique crossover episode of two audio dramas.

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Season: 1 Episode: 7

America is making unlikely alliances in the Middle East and elsewhere in an effort to force nations controlled by The Monster Group to react. King Asilas simultaneously forms his “High Council” and names eight “Lords” to oversee every facet of his government as America prepares to set in motion the king’s most ambitious plans. Abigail thinks the king is in love with her.

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Season: 1 Episode: 8
Lord Oreb and his team initiate the modified poison filter and “lift the fog” of the entire population of Mexico, setting into motion the largest civilian revolt in the nation’s history. The Mexican government is essentially decimated and American forces move in to occupy the country and make Mexico the 53rd state of the New Kingdom. Soon plans are drawn for more such “take overs” in the Western Hemisphere. The European Alliance is on its heels as the world reacts to America’s occupation of Mexico. Abigail is nearly raped by comrades and Alisas goes into a rage.Support the show (

Season: 1 Episode: 9
America expands the kingdom into Central America and is eyeing South America. Asilas meets the Chinese president in secret only to learn he is being double crossed and his poison filter weapon has a flaw. Asilas's son Jacob, has expressed interest in Lord Banks' daughter, Monica. Gabriel is placed under arrest by the king, who tries to acquire his transportation device. Complications are everywhere.Support the show (

Season: 1 Episode: 10
Jacob proclaims his love for Monica Banks, but her motives for their relationship seem rooted in personal ambition. Lord Shelley and Asilas finalize their plans for a European invasion ahead of their campaign to invade Canada. The Brits engage American and Chinese forces in the South Atlantic Sea. Abigail learns the truth about why Asilas has been preparing her for her ultimate mission.Support the show (

Season: 1 Episode: 11

Support us on Patreon. America and China engage the British and French Navy in the South Atlantic Ocean in a classic naval battle. Asilas tells Gabriel about the Drax and reveals some terrifying secrets about them. Lord Jackson meets with Asilas to talk about easing anxiety among the people as the world braces for a nuclear world war. Asilas sees Abigail as she makes her final preparations for her mission to assassinate the Canadian Prime Minister. Dr. Ezekiel tries to ease the king's racing mind, and manages to extract some long overdue confessions.

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Season: 1 Episode: 12

Jacob and Isaac exchange heated words about who will succeed their father as king. The Spartan team make it to their target with the intention of gaining access to the Canadian Prime Minister. Abigail makes a startling confession to Asilas before executing their ultimate plan. America braces for an impending nuclear attack from Britain and the European Alliance. Support the show by visiting us HERE.

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Season: 2 Episode: 13

King Asilas initiates the “Net Ray,” a mysterious super weapon that counteracts nuclear missiles. Asilas speaks to his enemies and the world, explaining the capabilities of this weapon, and warning that any nuclear attack on America would be futile. He asks Great Britain and Europe to surrender to America in order to avoid a large scale war, but they refuse. Asilas is compelled to order an attack on England and Europe, initiating what essentially becomes World War 3.

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Season: 2 Episode: 14

Under mounting pressure from international leaders, Asilas decides to show the world just who the true enemies of mankind are in a live-streamed, epic demonstration. But in the process, Gabriel was exposed and the press asks who he is and what his role in Asilas’s government is. The rest of the world responds to the revealing of the “monsters” in utter shock and disbelief. While the media and population are fixated with the monsters,  the British and the European Alliance indicate they have no interest in surrendering to America. Thus, the initiation of World War 3 is set into motion.

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Season: 2 Episode: 15

American forces fully invade England and Europe, forcing the Royal Families to go into hiding. But not before several British Royals are captured and hung in a public forum. Asilas sends a message to King George and the other Royals to surrender and be spared a humiliating death, but George and the remaining Royals seek refuge in Switzerland, whose neutrality in wars is threatened when Asilas tells the Swiss government to hand over King George or America will invade them as well.

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Season: 2 Episode: 16

Under the threat of a nuclear attack and utter obliteration, Switzerland caves and extradites King George and his queen to America. Asilas torments them before placing the rope around their necks in a highly dramatic execution. Jacob outsmarts Isaac in his quest to become heir to the American throne. While Switzerland is being ravaged, Asilas receives an urgent summons from Pope Pius XIV and ushers the High Council into a panic.

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Season: 2 Episode: 17

The European Alliance is being torn apart and some countries voluntarily surrender to America to avoid complete annihilation, but by and large, Europe and Great Britain are fully engaged in the war. With much of the European states in a complete onslaught of battles with America, Asilas receives an invitation from the Vatican to meet with Pope Pius the XIV to discuss a peaceful end to the war. Oreb discovers a traitor close to the king. Queen Rebekah is furious with Asilas over the birthright swap.

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Season: 2 Episode: 18

Amid the internal struggle with his history as a Catholic parishioner, Asilas seeks counsel from an unlikely source, an obscure Rabbi Rashi, who reminds Asilas “no matter the power one possesses, no human can escape sin.” Torn by his convictions and the need to end the reign of the “Monsters” and their grip on humanity, Asilas does something unthinkable; he invites Rabbi Rashi to sit in as a guest on the High Council. Gabriel and Jacob resolve a discrepancy that had always brought suspicion on the enigmatic “Merlin” to the king.

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Season: 2 Episode: 19

America takes control of several European countries including Russia which shocks the world. Queen Rebekah inquires about her missing father. Asilas and Lord Shelley heat things up in a manner no one could have imagined, but Beals makes an appearance in order to derail Asilas’s state of mind.

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Season: 2 Episode: 20

Poland and other European countries surrender to America, but France and England continue to resist. Asilas orders a nuclear bomb be dropped on London, killing 8 million people. Lord Shelley confesses something intimate to the king. The Pope pleads for Vatican sovereignty, but Asilas sends Nabal to infiltrate the Vatican disguised as a Cardinal. 

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Season: 2 Episode: 21

World War 3 appeared to be over, though other wars loomed as America moved on the continent of Africa. In a rare interview, China’s President Wei speaks openly about the Drax in an effort to muster more support for Asilas. America prepares for war in several countries in Africa and sends Lord Samuel to initiate diplomatic solutions to the resistance on the continent. Beals tries to warn Lemuria of Asilas in order to initiate an invasion sooner rather than later. Asilas gives an epic speech to inspire the people to prepare for the ultimate war.

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Season: 2 Episode: 22

King Hussein and the Middle Eastern Alliance moved on Egypt, Morocco, Libya, Algeria and Somalia in what became known as the Desert Demolition. China's President Wei expresses great discontent and pivots Hussein and Asilas against each other. Tensions build between King Hussein and President Wei as both plead with Asilas to be in control of the war effort in Africa. Lord Samuel dies when her helicopter is shot down and Asilas expands the High Council to 12 members. Monica meets in private with Lord Andrew Richards.

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Season: 2 Episode: 23

Lord Oreb finds out King George is still alive and that Asilas executed a shape shifter/imposter. King Asilas becomes suspicious of the High Council when the Monster Group kidnaps Lord Jackson in Russia and try to barter him for the release of Princess Marilyn of England. Beals and Asilas exchange words about what fate awaits them after judgment. Jacob and Monica exchange marriage vows as a mission is taking place simultaneously to take out Lord Jackson.

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Season: 2 Episode: 24

Asilas and King Hussein discuss the state of affairs in Africa after a year of war. China suggests moving on India, but Asilas is reluctant and decides to move on Sri Lanka instead for strategic purposes and sends Prince Jacob along with Lord Shelley to get some military command experience. However, things go terribly wrong. India launches a nuclear attack on American occupied Sri Lanka. Capone is arrested in India and Asilas is forced to act quickly to save his master plan and his best friend.

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Season: 2 Episode: 25

Asilas threatens Capone's captors by kidnapping the families of high ranking Indian officials and beginning a countdown to torch them alive. The American Navy runs into some unexpected drama off the coast of India and Asilas is forced to dispatch a team of Spartans, which throws off his plans. Lord Shelley goes to Australia to negotiate terms for a surrender, but is instead captured by the dreaded Drax. Asilas encounters resistance from his own High Council for the first time and tests his resolve.

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Season: 2 Episode: 26

Queen Rebekah talks to Asilas about becoming grandparents while simultaneously asserting suspicion about the true nature of her father’s death. Extraction of Lord Shelley doesn’t turn out as planned. Asilas opens up to Dr. Ezekiel about his feelings for Lord Shelley. A discover is made that the Australians have unknown aircrafts and sends American forces scrambling to find a counterpunch. Features intro by JVMP.

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Season: 2 Episode: 27

Lemuria warns King George not to underestimate Asilas, but George has major plans in Australia as America suffers its first major defeat at the hands of unknown flying machines and advanced weapons. Asilas is forced to contemplate a nuclear attack on Australia and subsequently decides to go on a 40 day "excursion" into the desert to do some soul searching --leaving Lord Oreb in charge of the kingdom and Queen Rebekah as his proxy on the High Council.

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Season: 2 Episode: 28

SEE THIS. Beals visits Queen Rebekah in a dream and reveals to her the name of her father's assassin. In the desert, Asilas sees and talks to spirits and his faith in God is put to the test. Upon King Asilas's return, Queen Rebekah confronts him about her suspicions surrounding her father's death. Asilas scuffles with Lord Oreb and sends him to Antartica on recon, but a Spartan on his team is ambushed by the Drax.

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Season: 2 Episode: 29

Merch. Queen Rebekah suspects Asilas is responsible for her father's death. Oreb returns from Antarctica with a report on the Drax and a massive military deployment is ordered in two countries. Asilas reveals to Dr. Ezekiel some of what he experienced in the desert. An attempt on Asilas's life is made and Lemuria meets with President Wei in a plot to betray the American alliance.

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Season: 2 Episode: 30

Visit us. American Allied forces head into the heart of Antarctica to fight the Drax in the “War to end All Wars,” but the Americans would need divine intervention to survive the massacre on ice. Before everything concludes, Asilas learns his story has merely been a precursor for a prophetic global transformation and he mentally prepares himself for his new role upon the world stage.

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Season: 3 Episode: 31

Support us. The globe braces for the impending apocalypse as America turns on its allies in the Middle East and China, who bond their alliance with plans to bring destruction to Jerusalem. Asilas is visited by his guardian angel, Raziel, and he has to come to terms with his role in the changing of the world. The queen becomes enraged as she learns of the king’s infidelity. Features the song “Gunslinger” by Baby Sinister.

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Season: 3 Episode: 32

Coffee Mugs! Pope Innocent XIV is introduced to the world, who shows great favor to the American king. The Alpha Omega breaks the second seal, making a Lord on the High Council the Red Horse of the Apocalypse. Asilas gets an urgent call from Prince Jacob to return to New Eden as things spiral out of control in the capital. Features the song "Loneliness and Me" by Wolfy.

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Season: 3 Episode: 33

Website. King Hussein and President Wei discuss a delay in their tunnel project as the Middle Eastern Alliance sends terrorist groups into America to launch attacks. The queen confronts Lord Shelley about her affair with Asilas. Lord Capone is given immense power and throws lavish parties in the Grand Castle. Alpha Omega visits Lord Oreb. Features the song “If You Only Knew (What You Were About To Do)” by The Filthy Famous.

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Season: 3 Episode: 34

Stickers. Lord Capone turns the basement of the Grand Castle into his own personal harem. Lord Vargas and his Henchmen go on a sadistic rampage. Francisco infiltrates the “Deceivers of Christ,” but has to perform unsavory acts to do so. Tension builds between Princess Monica and Prince Jacob and the Alpha Omega meets with Lord Vargas and gives him an unthinkable directive. Features the song “Thou Shall Not Murder” by Elvis Depressedly.

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Season: 3 Episode: 35

Patreon. Asilas and Lord Shelley revise their war strategy as China’s stealth digger heads towards Jerusalem. President Wei sends two female agents to go undercover and infiltrate Lord Capone’s harem. Chaos ensues as Prince Jacob discovers the women in the Regent’s office. Features the song “Heaven Feels So Far” by The Afraid Brigade.

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Season: 3 Episode: 36

Coffee. Lord Capone faces dire consequences for his careless actions. Pope Innocent XIV exhumes the body of Pope Pius XIV for what became known as the “Corpse Trial.”  Tempers flare and major changes occur when Lord Capone argues with Prince Jacob about his reassignment. Princess Monica reveals a little more about her plans to take over the kingdom. Features the song “Walk With Danger” by Shake Some Action.

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Season: 3 Episode: 37

T-shirts. Beals and the Pope plan out how they will slowly entice Asilas to accept his destiny using technology designed to trick people into hearing voices. Asilas isolates himself in Rome, taking refuge at the Vatican, but sneaks away to meet Dr. Ezekiel in secret. General Pershing and Lord Shelley go full throttle with the recalibrated Trishul, plunging China’s people into complete murderous division. Features the song “The Snake” by Taste of Tea. Lots more interesting details, free stuff, merchandise and info at 

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Season: 3 Episode: 38

Website HERE. Information is leaked to the press about China’s secret stealth digger heading to Jerusalem. Lord Vargas and his Henchmen continue hunting down drug cartels and testing out a new lethal pestilence. Lord Richards and Princess Monica hatch a conspiracy for their own personal gains. Vargas sends his Henchmen into all countries in South America to warn them the Pale Horse is coming. Features the song “I Got a Plan to Rule the World” by McCullah.

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Season: 3 Episode: 39

Our website HERE. Oreb receives a premonition that the kingdom is heading for financial ruin. Asilas calls an emergency meeting of the High Council after a wave of terrorist attacks cripples the original states. The queen moves into a separate suite, as she tells Asilas she cannot tolerate his relationship with Lord Shelley. Beals and the Pope relish in Asilas's chaos. Features the song "The Beginning (of the End)" by Lost European. Promos: Apocalypse Now Podcast and True Crime Finland.

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Season: 3 Episode: 40

Can you spare a cup of coffee? Lord Shelley and General Pershing hatch a plan to use President Wei’s mistresses to assassinate him. King Asilas decrees all citizens of America get a “branding” tattoo on their foreheads in order to conduct business of any kind throughout the kingdom. Prince Jacob gives a rocky press conference that leaves people questioning his abilities to lead. Princess Monica and Lord Richards make a bold move to spy on the Regent. Features the song “One Million” by Vladimir Vojnović.

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Season: 3 Episode: 41

Visit us HERE. The Vatican helps America financially with their war efforts, but the Pope makes evil demands of the king. Lord Capone returns to New Eden and discovers the Regent's office has been bugged. Vargas is summoned to New Eden and devises a plan to use Prince Isaac to help set a trap for the traitors. Features the song "Double Crossed" by Metal Byrds.
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Season: 3 Episode: 42

Nabal meets with Asilas to report on President Wei’s mistresses and is sent to arrest a controversial evangelist, Luke T. Johnson. Lord Oreb puts Johnson on trial, but gets unexpected insight from the condemned Luke Johnson. Oreb goes to New Eden to intervene in Asilas’s marital problems, but finds the queen responses unbelievable. Prince Isaac meets with Princess Monica, who promises to help him get back into Jacob’s good graces in exchange for his loyalty. Features the songs “Kings” by Scene of Action and "One More Second Chance" by Howie Zow.

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Season: 3 Episode: 43

King Asilas becomes depressed when one of his closest confidants dies suddenly. Oreb tells the king he is suspicious of Princess Monica and Lord Richards. Vargas receives new directives to eliminate all non-Catholic Christians migrating from South America. Asilas gives a speech encouraging all Americans to convert to Catholicism. Features the song “The Spirit World” by Josh Woodward. Support the show and get merch HERE

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Season: 3 Episode: 44

Karina attempts to assassinate Pope Innocent XIV, but Prince Isaac makes an unexpected move that puts his life in danger. Nabal hunts down President Wei, but he has a designated survivor who escapes and implements a horrific plan. Oreb interrogates Princess Monica makes a shocking revelation that no one can believe, and a ghost from the past resurfaces. Features the song “Losing My Religion (Cover)” by Suzie B.

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Season: 3 Episode: 45

Gabriel is tricked into helping the New Ordo transport alien technology designed to cause catastrophic natural events all over the world. After falling ill, Lord Shelley is brought to New Eden, but her presence causes uncontrollable rage and division among the people–including members of the High Council. The queen makes a painful decision and returns to England. Lord Oreb unleashes his rage against the Church and Christendom altogether. The Alpha Omega breaks the fifth seal, thrusting the world into Tribulations. Features the song “Striker” by War Cloud.

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Season: 4

As King Asilas positions himself as the conquerer of the world, the planet experiences great calamities. But while the world spirals out of control, a young couple blissfully plans their wedding amid the imminent destruction. In Season 4, we follow the young couple, JJ and Cody, to get a ground level perspective of the pending apocalypse.

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Season: 4 Episode: 46

Meteors cause massive destruction throughout the world, and the king returns to New Eden to oversee the stability of America. Price Jacob is sent to face the princess about her betrayal. The young couple JJ and Cody arrive at the Grand Castle to make their final plans to wed on the castle grounds. However, something ominous and dangerous approaches. Lord Oreb is given an urgent warning about the earth's electromagnetic poles.

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Season: 4 Episode: 47

JJ and Cody leave New Eden and head to California to meet up with an obscure group known as the “Bohemians.” Lord Oreb also heads to California to meet with one Dr. Liverpool, whose calculations alarms him deeply. Lord Capone and King Asilas discuss the imminent collapse of China and the Middle Eastern Alliance when Oreb returns with grave news. The Pope and King Asilas have a foreboding exchange. Reports of threatening food shortages causes great panic, prompting the king to give an epic speech to taper rising concerns. Features the music of BMore Blend.

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Season: 4 Episode: 48

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Cannibalism begins to grip parts of the kingdom in the wake of widespread food shortages. The Pope finds it is becoming too dangerous to be out in public and reaches out to King Asilas for help, but his reply shocks him to the bone. The king is confronted by reporters in a townhall Q & A about reports of cannibals roaming the kingdom. Beals visits the Pope to give him a sobering perspective about America’s king. Features the songs “Rain on my Grave” by Dallas Kincaid and “Cluck Old Hen” by Monster Taxi and BeShine.

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Season: 4 Episode: 49

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The Pope tries to meet the needs of desperate people outside the Vatican walls and realizes the threats on his life are legitimate. King Asilas shocks the world by sanctioning the persecutions of Christians throughout the kingdom. Lord Capone tries to reason with Asilas, but learns the king is working under prophetic directives. Tension builds between JJ and Cody as disagreements mount about who to invite to the wedding and who to excuse. Prince Jacob appears on a TV show and publicly goes against his father about the treatment of Christians. Dr. Liverpool calls Lord Oreb about the earth’s worsening conditions. Features the song “Heaven is the Other Way” by Big Sandy and His Fly-Rite Boys.

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Season: 4 Episode: 50

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Dr. Liverpool appears on TV and tells the world of the dangers of a complete polar shift. The poles shift causes the ice in Antarctica to melt, exposing remnants of an advanced ancient civilization. Malcolm Banks is questioned by his daughter, Princess Monica, and his answers raises suspicions as to whether he is really her father. Earthquakes rock California, devastating the grounds where JJ and Cody were planning to have their wedding. Dr. Liverpool is put under great pressure to find solutions for the poles shift problem. Features the song "Miles Away" by Matreice Marcus and "Ravens Wings" by Steve Fisher.
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The poles shift perpetuates major navigational disruptions, literally causing planes to fall out of the sky. JJ and Cody leave the Bohemians in search of a new place to have their wedding, but run into some terrifying problems along the way. Dr. Liverpool travels to New Eden to meet with the king in hopes of resolving the worsening global conditions. Malcolm kidnaps Princess Monica, sending Jacob and King Asilas into a maddening rage. Features the song “Under the Spell of Joy” by Death Valley Girls.



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Season: 4 Episode: 52

BUILT BARS. The Pope sends a Cardinal to negotiate with Lord Capone for the king to show mercy on him. The power grids and global communications become severely disrupted by the polar shifts. JJ is kidnapped by a vicious motorcycle gang and Cody runs off to rescue her. Jacob and Oreb narrow down their search for Princess Monica, as well as plot to commit a major assassination. Obscurity looms as it is reported King Hussein may have been killed in an air raid. Scientists report Yellowstone Park is on the verge of an eruption. Features the song "Jah Jah Call You" by World Domination Enterprises.

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Season: 4 Episode: 53

BUZZSPROUT. Dr. Liverpool warns Lord Oreb that the ice in Antarctica is melting and sea levels will rise. King Asilas sends a team to investigate the newly exposed areas of Antarctica. JJ and Cody leave the west coast and head to Kentucky, but have another frightening experience when they arrive. Princess Monica and Malcolm have a heated, but revealing exchange. The king becomes increasingly unstable, as he faces ghosts from his past.

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Season: 4 Episode: 54

Cannibals terrorize the kingdom with impunity . The world falls in disbelief over what is discovered under the Antarctic ice. Beals and an extra-terrestrial discuss the return of “The Son of Man.” JJ and Cody head to Ohio and have an unbelievable close encounter. Princess Monica has her baby boy, but is kept from being near him. Featured song “Don’t Fear the Sun” by Maxthor.

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Season: 4 Episode: 55

Death lurks around every corner throughout the kingdom. JJ and Cody arrive in New Eden only to find themselves in a fight for their lives. The Pope and Cardinal discuss martyrdom. King Asilas’s disregard for the concerns of the people sends the High Council into a panic, as tribalism becomes a real threat to his authority. Lord Capone is given a horrific task.  Features the song "Help Me" by Tim Yurkovitch.

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Season: 4 Episode: 56

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Capone tries to negotiate with the Drax to get back King Asilas's grandson. JJ and Cody have to resort to "drastic measures" just to get enough fuel to get to their next destination. Jacob and Oreb get ever closer to making their devious plan against the Pope a reality. Tom Novak loses his cool on set, and Beals has an interesting debate with an A.I. system. Features the song "Shock the Liar" by Jonathan Norris.

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Season: 4 Episode: 57

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Monica makes a daring plan of escape. Oreb’s team brings back mysterious technologies from Antarctica and the images it displays leaves the king and his inner circle confused. Major volcanic eruptions add more calamities as the king continues to lose his grip on the world. Millions go missing and news reports makes it impossible dismiss the disappearances. Asilas, under pressure, launches a nuclear weapon once again in a desperate attempt to keep his control. Features the song “Fire” by The Inventors.

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Season: 4 Episode: 58

Dr. Liverpool and his team make a terrifying discovery underground. A horde of cannibals and giants attack the Grand Castle and threaten the king inside. However, Capone leads a team of Spartans to defend the castle. The Pope and Cardinals make their pilgrimage, but encounter nomadic gangs and cannibals along the way. Cody and JJ make it to Washington, D.C. looking for Cody’s father and end up in the fight for the lives. Features the song “Let It All Krumble” by Lyndol Descant.

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Season: 4 Episode: 59

Capone has a fiercely intense meeting with Malcolm Banks that doesn’t end well. Another shocking attack on the Grand Castle appears to be much more than the king can handle, but something immensely grim happens that leaves everyone running for cover. Dr. Liverpool is called to examine the corpse of a giant and is aghast by what he learns. Monica is smuggled out of the European territory, but her journey home is mired with uncertainty. The Pope reaches Galilee and is met by a flood of people. Features the song “Standing There” by Steven Fisher (Cerebral Tone).


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Season: 4 Episode: 60

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Pope Innocent XIV heads to Galilee to give his “sermon on the mount,” where a group of assassins wait for him. Monica and her handlers make it to the shores on South Carolina where they stumble upon Cody and JJ’s impromptu wedding. All witness something incredible in the skies above. Features the song “The King in Yellow” by Ah Pook the Destroyer.

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Season: 5 Episode: 61

King Asilas seeks refuge in the “safe room” as demons overtake the Grand Castle. However, an angelic event occurs over the skies of America, perpetuating a series of horrifying mysteries worldwide. Lords Oreb and Hemingway are sent to retrieve Lord Shelley from the mountains in China, while Prince Jacob finds himself in exile. The king then caves to his carnal desires, but does something unspeakable to the women. Features the song “Nothing Personal” by Lack of Afro.

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Season: 5 Episode: 62

The Alpha Omega visits the king, but the conversation ends with a stark warning. Lords Oreb and Hemingway make it to China, near the mountain range where Shelley is believed to be hiding. The king tries to make one of the women in his harem to throw herself over the roof of the castle. Lord Banks, Monica, JJ and Cody make their way to a secret bunker in South Carolina, but find themselves in a frightening circumstance. Lords Oreb and Hemingway close in on Shelley’s hiding spot, but something dangerous is pursuing them. Features the song "Dreaded Farewell" by Moderator.

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Season: 5 Episode: 63

Beals has a heated exchange with Asilas, and then takes him to the pits of Hell where the king finds a familiar old friend, who gives him a startling revelation. In the mountains of China, Lords Oreb and Hemingway are attacked by the fabled Yeti. Lord Banks and the others find themselves trapped in a bunker with no way out but a mysterious tunnel as demons and cannibals try to break in. Jacob struggles to understand how he ended up exiled on a deserted island. Features the song “Sanctify” by No Hope.


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Season: 5 Episode: 64

Tom Novak interviews a retired General, who has choice words about the state of the kingdom and King Asilas himself. Lords Oreb and Hemingway inch their way closer to Shelley, but are once again attacked–this time by demons. Oreb, however, has a secret, alien weapon. Lord Banks and the others find that their escape tunnel has caved in. But something far more ominous is happening on the surface. The king gives his first speech to the demon army, but he doesn’t get the reception he was expecting. Beals reveals to him the reason why. The king is then left with a choice between his family or his destiny. Features the song “Fade Away” by Painted Mirror.

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Season: 5 Episode: 65

King Asilas has to bring himself to do something unforgivable to the queen. But Prince Isaac is awaken by a terrifying nightmare that reveals what his father actually did to his mother. He confronts the king, and the Asilas is forced to arrest him and put him in the “dungeon.” In jail, Isaac meets Britney, who tells him of his father’s secret side. Gabriel, after meeting with the king, finds himself wandering in the castle and discovers the dungeon. There, he has to make a decision that will force him to take sides against the king. In China, Lords Oreb and Hemingway locate Shelley, but find she will not be going anywhere with them willingly. Features the song “No One Cares About What We’ve done” by Zach Bellas.



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Season: 5 Episode: 66

Lords Oreb and Hemingway use mysterious means to get Lord Shelley to go with them, but they have a far bigger problem in terms of transportation. On Exile Island, Isaac tells Jacob what has been taking place at the Grand Castle and says he believes the king has murdered the queen. In South Carolina, Lord Banks, Monica and JJ try to figure out their next move while dealing with Cody’s failing health. During prayer, Asilas is visited by the Archangel, who tells him his dear friend Lord Quintin Capone is dead. Isaac and Jacob ask Gabriel where his loyalties lay. His answer baffles them.

*** This episode features the song "Immortal" by Analog. This song is performed vocally by Tony Hatzigeorgalis, who has been cast to play "King Asilas" in a film in 2022. The title of the film is to be released at a later date, but Hatzigeorgalis has already agreed to play the part as the king and is studying the audio drama to prepare himself for this role. Stay tuned for more on this in the coming months. ***

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Season: 5 Episode: 67

The king and Lord Oreb come to the conclusion Gabriel has betrayed them, but are unsure why. The reality of Capone’s death begins to set in for the king, who mourns his dear friend in a strange way. Lord Banks and the others decide to look for a different bunker as Cody’s condition worsens. Monica stays with Cody while Lord Banks and JJ venture into the dangerous unknown. Lord Oreb and the others eventually make it to a small air base, but only find one functioning chopper. Not everyone can fit into it. Isaac comes up with a plan to eliminate his father, but he seems to be the only one convinced the plan has any chance of success. Features the song "Leading the Lost" by No Hope.
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Season: 5 Episode: 68

Oreb has a mid-air battle with a demon in the cockpit of a chopper. Lord Banks and JJ locate a vehicle and take an abandoned clinic to recuperate. But terrifying creatures are closing in on them once again. The Alpha Omega readies up his angel army for a showdown with King Asilas. The king also readies up his human army and gives a speech about the merging of demons and humans for the ultimate battle. But the Spartans will have to make one final, biological change that will affect them for the rest of their natural lives. Gabriel and Isaac use the time of the king’s speech to break into his office and find evidence that validates Isaac’s suspicions. Oreb, with his injured hand, makes it make to the others on base.

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