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Episode 66: Elimination

Season: 5 Episode: 66
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Lords Oreb and Hemingway use mysterious means to get Lord Shelley to go with them, but they have a far bigger problem in terms of transportation. On Exile Island, Isaac tells Jacob what has been taking place at the Grand Castle and says he believes the king has murdered the queen. In South Carolina, Lord Banks, Monica and JJ try to figure out their next move while dealing with Cody’s failing health. During prayer, Asilas is visited by the Archangel, who tells him his dear friend Lord Quintin Capone is dead. Isaac and Jacob ask Gabriel where his loyalties lay. His answer baffles them.

*** This episode features the song "Immortal" by Analog. This song is performed vocally by Tony Hatzigeorgalis, who has been cast to play "King Asilas" in a film in 2022. The title of the film is to be released at a later date, but Hatzigeorgalis has already agreed to play the part as the king and is studying the audio drama to prepare himself for this role. Stay tuned for more on this in the coming months. ***

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