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Summer, 1989. Mockery Manor Amusement Park re-opens its doors, determined to bury its dark past and become Britain's eccentric answer to Disneyland. But new recruit JJ soon discovers that blood is baked into the park's foundations, that secrets abound... and the British are terrible at customer service. Mockery Manor is an immersive audio production best enjoyed using headphones.

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Opening Summer 1989! Mockery Manor Amusement Park opens its doors after extensive refurbishment. Spend a fun-filled family day out with your feline friends Queen Booboos and her hapless pageboy, Mr Crackles. Trousers Meowzers! There's something for everyone at Mockery Manor - where childhood never dies... it just goes on and on.

The original 1958 televised newsreel from Mockery Manor's opening day. Find out about the park's opening day lands - The Village, Fancyland, Empireland and Dreamland.

A sneak preview of the Mockery Manor theme tune, composed by Laurence Owen. Episode 1 of this new narrative mystery series arrives on October 31st, 2019. Strap in!

Despite arriving forty-seven minutes and three days late for her first day of training, 18-year-old JJ is keen to explore Mockery Manor, the peculiar theme park she now calls home. Seasoned staff member Parker shows her around, but after an unnerving trip to Dreamland, JJ is certain that something is very wrong at Mockery Manor...

Previously on Mockery Manor: JJ is shown around the park by seasoned employee Parker. While exploring the sinister Dreamland, which records snippets of guests as they explore it, JJ hears a recording that sounds suspiciously like a woman being attacked. Parker says that he and his new girlfriend, JJ's twin sister Bette, are going to break into the park after dark, and JJ decides to tag along.  In this episode: JJ is sharing an onsite dormitory with the intimidating Sonia, who is determined to make JJ's life miserable. An after-hours jaunt around the park with Parker and Bette leads to tensions in the group, and Parker reveals that they aren't the only residents of Mockery Manor. The park's founder, Margot Mockery, still lives in the decrepit manor house at the heart of the park... and they're being watched.

Previously on Mockery Manor: JJ, Parker and Bette sneak into the park at night to explore. They meet fellow employees Matty, Sonia and Emma, who have snuck in too. Sonia accuses JJ of stealing something from her dorm room, and JJ and Bette have an argument. Meanwhile, Parker explains that Margot Mockery, the park's founder, still lives in the manor house. Margot and her associate are keeping a watchful eye on the kids via their security cameras. Parker hears a scream and runs off to investigate. In this episode: JJ dupes Manager Norton with some quick thinking, and Parker is forced on a strange mission.

Previously on Mockery Manor: JJ is caught in the park after hours by Manager Norton, but fools him into thinking she's Bette - her twin sister. Meanwhile Parker investigates a high-pitched scream, and finds a terrified Matty cowering in a supply cupboard, having seen "a big cat". Parker leaves him, laughing, and bumps into Emma, who has Sonia's bracelet in her possession (which everyone thinks JJ has stolen) and he takes it from her. Parker then realises Matty is right: Winnie, a cougar kept by Margot in secret, has escaped. Parker tracks Winnie to the Heart of Darkness ride, and finds her eating the body of Nick, the caretaker. Horrified, Parker calls Jenkins, whose suspicions are now confirmed. People are being murdered in the park... again. In this episode: the park is now open! A frustrated JJ is determined to get some answers... and more blood is shed. Please follow Mockery Manor on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, and leave a nice review on Apple Podcasts or Podchaser, as that helps us reach new listeners.

Previously on Mockery Manor: Everything is open, but Parker hasn't been seen for days, as he is now living in the Manor house. Emma tells JJ that Parker has Sonia's stolen charm bracelet (despite everyone thinking JJ is the thief), and tells her to make Parker give it back. Furious, JJ sneaks into the Manor to find Parker. He tells her that he is now head of security, and has been keeping an eye on everyone while dressed as Mr Crackles. In costume, he gives JJ the bracelet during the parade. JJ is shocked to discover a tag belonging to her Auntie Janet's dog Harvey attached to the bracelet. At that moment, Sonia, who is dressed as Queen Booboos, falls hard from the top of a parade float.  In this episode: JJ learns that she may be at Mockery Manor for a reason, and Bette is pushed to breaking point.  Follow @MockeryManor and @LongCatMedia on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, and visit for more info. If you'd like to support the show, please leave some nice words about us on iTunes/Apple Podcasts - it really helps!

Previously on Mockery Manor: JJ learns of her family’s involvement with Manor, that her grandmoth...

Previously on Mockery Manor: JJ learns of her family’s involvement with Manor, that her grandmother was their cook, and that her aunt Kate died in the same fire that injured Margot and killed the other Mockerys. Meanwhile, Bette has an uncomfortable conversation with Manager ‘Pervster’ Norton, then catches Matty and Davina doing their deed in a car. Bette deduces that JJ pretended to be her in order to escape punishment for being in the park at night, and swears JJ will pay for it. In this episode: Margot has a nightmare, Matty has a terrible day, JJ and Parker clear the air, and an unexpected visitor arrives at Mockery Manor. If you’re enjoying the show, please support us on Ko-fi to help us continue during the pandemic: For more info, visit, and follow us @MockeryManor and @LongCatMedia on all the socials.

CW: Violence, descriptions of assault and drugs. Previously on Mockery Manor: Bette makes a dramatic exit from the park, leaving a note publicly shaming JJ. While looking at old photos with his mum, Parker realises that Margot Mockery's friend Janet (who Parker secretly knows to have been murdered) is JJ's aunt. He rushes back to the park with the photo to confront JJ. The pair end up making love instead, but JJ soon realises that it was Janet she heard screaming in the Dreamland recording. Meanwhile, JJ's older ex-boyfriend Graham arrives at the park, and a hitchhiking Bette has suddenly come face to face with Manager Norton.  In this episode: JJ deals with Graham's unexpected arrival, and Bette returns to Mockery Manor... If you're enjoying the show, please support us on Ko-fi: ( Follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @MockeryManor, or visit ( for more info.

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