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S2 E13 - The Whirr Of The Egg Buggy

Season: 2
Warning: Content Marked Explicit.
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Previously: Bodankho's shooter is revealed to be Hilda, accompanied by Thomaz (her reluctant henchman). Hilda is convinced that Gretchen and Bohdanko are working for Jenkins, so Thomaz is tasked with taking Gretchen as hostage to the Committee meeting at The Palace of Koschei The Deathless. But JJ, hiding behind a sofa, evades capture. Meanwhile, Parker frantically searches the park for a phone, and runs into Jenkins and his silent muscle, "Max". It emerges that Jenkins has a crack team of trained operatives scattered throughout the park. As they approach Koschei the Deathless, Parker notices that the ride building is a replica of the Mockery Manor house. Jenkins reveals that he and Hilda were stationed at the Schloss during the war, and that the pair went on to design the theme park together. But Hilda has betrayed him. And not only that, Jenkins says... Hilda was responsible for the murder of Parker's father. Armed with Eric's gun, Bette bursts into the Schloss' secret rooms to find JJ standing over Bohdanko's body. Together, they briefly consider fleeing, before finally resolving to go and rescue Gretchen. Over at Koschei, the Committee members are welcomed by Hilda. They will ride the "egg buggies" through the attraction and disembark at the Masquerade Ball for a buffet reception. But among the Committee members are two surprising guests - Margot and Davina. In this episode: JJ and Bette take a ride on Koschei the Deathless... Want to check out Laurence & Lindsay's other podcast, The Ballad of Anne & Mary? Click this link! Want to browse the Long Cat Media shop? Head on down here! Mockery Manor is written and directed by Lindsay Sharman. Music, sound design and editing by Laurence Owen. Hayley Evenett was JJ and Bette, Lindsay Sharman was Hilda, Margot and Davina, John Henry Falle was the Pluto, Spanish Dave, The Head Waiter and Vincent Price, Abbie Eastwood was Gretchen, Alasdair Beckett King was Thomaz and Donald, Laurence Owen was Giuseppe and additional voices, and Sooz Kempner was Animatronic Dorothy Mockery Manor is part of the Fable and Folly network. Visit their website for more info. For transcripts and more information about Mockery Manor, and our two other podcasts Madame Magenta and The Ballad of Anne & Mary, visit www.longcatmedia.com Or follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram @MockeryManor and also @LongCatMedia This podcast is supported by our wonderful Ko-fi patrons. If you'd like to support the show and help us keep going, visit our website, or go to www.ko-fi.com/longcatmedia Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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