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A little bit of Mockery news!

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Download the Apollo app! Hey everyone, Laurence here - just a quick update with a little bit of exciting Mockery Manor news, and give a shout out to another show that we love.  We've been working on a little something before Season 3 starts next year.  Mockery Manor is going to have a Christmas Special! It's a brand new double-length episode, and it's coming out on the 1st of December. It was ridiculously fun to record, and we can't wait to share it with you.  So, how can you hear it? Well... you might have heard us advertising a wonderful app called Apollo - if you haven't, Apollo is a gorgeous new podcast player that's specifically geared towards fiction. And it's so worth checking out - you can find all your favourite audio dramas on there, and discover loads more. It's really easy to use, it's beautiful to look at, and my favourite part is that you can search and browse by genre of fiction. That's something no other podcast app can do. The Apollo team have also curated some really great themed lists to explore - I think our show The Ballad of Anne & Mary is on a list called "Cinematic Epic", which we really like. But there's a new feature on Apollo - you can now support the shows you love by purchasing additional content directly on the app, and then you can listen immediately. Right now you can get bonus episodes of Omen, Sidequesting, Someone Dies In This Elevator, Midnight Burger has bonus content coming soon, loads of great shows. And on the 1st December, we're gonna be releasing our Christmas special on Apollo.  We'll remind you again when it's out, but we really hope that you'll go and download Apollo, and find some new amazing fiction shows to get lost in.  And now finally, we want to re-introduce you to a show that we shared a few months ago: Earth Eclipsed. Earth Eclipsed is a brilliantly exciting and multi-award winning sci-fi series made by the same team that made the Apollo app - annoyingly multi-talented people. It's a wonderful show, and they have a bonus episode out today, for you to buy and listen to on Apollo. You can find the direct link to that bonus episode, along with all the other things I've mentioned, in the show notes of this episode.  Purchase the Earth Eclipsed Bonus Episode on Apollo So please do download the Apollo app, mark December 1st in your diary for the Mockery Manor Christmas special, and now we'd like to play you the trailer for the brand new bonus episode of Earth Eclipsed. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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