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The Music of Mockery Manor

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Introducing The Music of Mockery Manor - Season One! Laurence & Lindsay dive into the series soundtrack album, released today! Featuring hit songs from fictitious pop sensations Lydia, Duncan Newgate, Foucault's Pendulum, the Alfred Mockery Orchestra and Trio, and more. It also includes the complete original score: 30+ tracks of creepy 1980s synth-horror goodness. But that's not all! As well as the digital album itself, they've also produced CHART TOPPERS, an 80s pop magazine from within the Mockery Manor universe. It features interviews with all our made-up pop stars, vintage adverts for the park, song lyrics, and more... plus a few hints at Season Two for the eagle-eyed reader... Buy both on Bandcamp: https://longcatmedia.bandcamp.com/ (https://longcatmedia.bandcamp.com) ... or support Laurence and Lindsay monthly on Ko-fi and get them for free: https://www.ko-fi.com/longcatmedia Follow @MockeryManor and @LongCatMedia on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to keep in touch with us - we love to hear from you! Support this podcast

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