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Null /Void is a science fiction audio drama about a young woman, Piper Lee, whose life is saved by a mysterious voice named Adelaide. Piper soon uncovers a malicious plot by a monopoly of a tech company and must work with her friends and an unusual ally to help foil their deadly plot.

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Null/Void will premier in April 2020

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Content Warning: A brief but sudden car crash, occurring from 1min50sec to 2min10sec.

The voices featured are: Amber Holtz as Liz, Shane Mulzet as Mark, Azul Nova as Dodger, Danyelle Ellett as Adelaide The episode was edited by Donald Guzzi

Transcripts can be found here or on our website at

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Season: 1 Episode: 1
Warning: Content Marked Explicit.

Content Warnings: Mentions of Death, Suicide. A brief but deadly traffic incident and descriptions of its aftermath occurring from 13min20sec to 15min20sec.

)pip install nullandvoid_1.0

)from nullandvoid import Episodes, Characters, Plot

)import Protagonist as Piper

)import Entity as Adelaide

)import Incitingincident as rainencounter

)from nullandvoid import Cast

  • Winona Wyatt as Piper
  • Danyelle Ellett as Adelaide
  • Azul Nova as Dodger
  • James Oliva as The Bus Driver
  • Amara Augustine as Random Street Goer
  • Donald Guzzi as Sound Designer
  • Cole Burkhardt as Creator
  • Sterling Rae and Amber Holtz as Story Editor
  • Ayla Taylor as Master Coder

Transcripts can be found here or on our website at

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