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Episode: 8
Warning: Content Marked Explicit.
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survival= [(love), (adapt), (growth)] piper.function = survival advancement = [(science), (solution) (improvement) ] void.function = advancement for (progress, life) in zip(advancement,survival): )if progress.value > life.value: ))print(“Execute Project AR. Trial 4.8.5vZC7”)

)from nullandvoid import Cast

  • Danyelle Ellett as Adelaide
  • Winona Wyatt as Piper
  • Kara Bruntz as Isobella
  • Marcie Hobbs as Hurley
  • PJ Kanis as Kyron
  • Jona Lune as Jasper
  • Donald Guzzi as Sound Designer
  • Cole Burkhardt as Creator
  • Sterling Rae and Amber Holtz as Story Editor
  • Benny James as Composer
  • Ayla Taylor as Master Coder

Transcripts can be found hereor on our website at nullandvoidpod.wixsite.com/nullandvoidpod

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