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Episode: 10
Warning: Content Marked Explicit.
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Content Warning: Discussions of death and dying, A character suffers from a panic attack 13min20sec to 14min50sec.

dir = "Adelaide" location = "D:/Void Networks/A314 Housing Unit/Initial Code/" path = os.path.join(location, dir) os.remove(path) print("%Adelaide has been removed successfully" % dir)

)from nullandvoid import Cast

Winona Wyatt as Piper Azul Nova as Dodger Evan Saft as Chris Sena Bryer as Niki Danyelle Ellett as Adelaide Donald Guzzi as Sound Designer Cole Burkhardt as Creator Sterling Rae and Amber Holtz as Story Editor Benny James as Composer Ayla Taylor as Master Coder

Transcripts can be found here or on our website at nullandvoidpod.wixsite.com/nullandvoidpod

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