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Zaneta Aurelia Azis Parker has a normal life. Seriously. It’s normal. She might be the daughter of a prestigious neurologist who caught the eye of the people connected to big pockets, but she just works in the office by running the daily operations and at home by taking care of her siblings. Considering she can remember never wanting this life, some would think that’s odd. But she doesn’t. Until she sees an image of herself at a fundraising dinner in a modern piece done by a secretive artist. It is hard to see, what with it being hidden and only visible by a trick of the light. However, Zaneta is drawn to the one spot where the lights could have shown her this version of herself. With that, a facade starts to fall, and Zaneta is left to piece everything together. First things first, you would suppose, who is the mysterious Lucent? --- A production of Miscellany Media Studios. Written and Produced by MJ Bailey

Copyright 2021 Temporal Light

Zaneta's life has changed forever. The journey has started. She can't go back. Will you be listening?   First episode comes out on February 12th.   ---- Music for this Episode by Sounds Like an Earful Soundslikeanearful.com ---- www.

Zaneta's life has changed forever. She knows that, but that's all she knows. Telling this story will be hard. Where should she begin? And can you even believe her? It's like she's meeting you for the first time. But not...

For Zaneta, the tether to normalcy was cut at what should have been a normal gala. But it wasn't. Zaneta saw herself. In a trick. In an art piece that she did not make. But the consequences are hers. If she plays her cards right.   But still...

A piece of toast, a scar, and a mentor. Things that should not converge at an unknown point. But this is Zaneta's life now. More inconsistences in the illusion are being revealed. Including a next step. If the moment hasn't passed.    

Maybe the stress finally broke her. But Zaneta feels a sense of calm. Little does she know, it's just the calm before the storm. Or before her second chance. Lucent isn't going away.     [General Content Warning for Gaslighting, Abuse.]   ----

There's another gathering. Another appearance. Another chance to start a second journey. But this time, Zaneta has someone guiding her. This time, yes, but maybe not again.     [General Content Warning for Gaslighting, Abuse.]   ---- Written,

Some times grand reveals are anything but. For Zaneta, it's all reason to take pause. She could move forward. But should she? Without Dr. Alexson there to guide her, she might not be able to move on.     [General Content Warning for Gaslighting,

When the fog lifts, Zaneta finds answers but another question that she's been avoiding. But the pieces she does have need to be gathered.   Her home and office are full of secrets. Some used against her and some giving her strength.  

Zaneta has received some terrible news. And all-in-all, she's just suffering from the weight of sadness. What progress she has made, won't feel like it. Even when the next step seems so obvious. For now, she's still moving forward.

[Posted in case anyone needed a mental break and retreat while fighting.  Take care of yourselves and each other. Support Black creators and raise otherwise silenced voices.]   If Zaneta gets the answers she seeks, what will become of it?

Denial comes easily, for Zaneta. The stakes only help her. But now more pieces are coming together--a dream that can't otherwise be explained and an answer to a question-- as well as other choices being made. Opportunity comes next,

Zaneta's revealed the next step, but that doesn't mean she can take it. And yet, the world moves around her regardless. It may not be her choice much longer.   [General Content Warning for Gaslighting, Abuse]   ---- Written, Performed,

In the penultimate season 1 episode, Zaneta inches closer to her flight. At least she knows she's moving slowly, right? But something is happening. Blood work was taken, and a banging keeps happening (or so Zaneta thinks).

A death occurs in the office. Two, if you count the story someone always told himself. But with that, the normal Zaneta had been trying to hold onto is officially gone. Her options are limited. Her fears are numerous.  

Zaneta is on the road, but it was never going to be an easy one. As a small act of rebellion, though, she will continue to speak. Somehow. But what it means to hear her words is still unclear.   [General Content Warning for Gaslighting, Abuse.]

Zaneta has some good memories. Or she thinks she does. She remembers a doll and other pieces of her that weren't so upsetting.   [General Content Warning for Gaslighting, Abuse.] MERCH - https://teespring.com/stores/miscellany-media-studios ----

Zaneta isn't afraid of travelling. Just the mishaps along the way. But there could be joy there. Assuming this memory is accurate.   [General Content Warning for Gaslighting, Abuse.] MERCH - https://teespring.com/stores/miscellany-media-studios

Zaneta had a reason for this all along. She just couldn't say what it was. Unfortunately, she isn't in the right head space to be apologetic.   [General Content Warning for Gaslighting, Abuse. Passing body shaming/judgment from 2:57 to 3:07 ] MERCH...

For Zaneta, things were always going to be bad. There was no way out.   [General Content Warning for Gaslighting, Abuse.]   ---- Written, Performed, and Produced by MJ Bailey Music for this Episode by Sounds Like an Earful Soundslikeanearful.

Zaneta and her father stand at opposite ends of a certain spectrum. Or that's what she thinks. It's enough to be concerned.   [General Content Warning for Gaslighting. For this episode, Abuse, particularly Medical and Marital Abuse.]   ----

In this--the first episode of Season 2--Zaneta makes a surprising return. But as far as surprise appearances go, she's not the only one who can do it. Her world is growing now that she's out. But what exactly will that mean?  

Zaneta is in control of her life now that she has left her father's house. But the part of her that is actually in control is not what she would want it to be. She couldn't control her life, and now she has to wonder if she has full control over her ow...

There are many questions left unanswered, and far too many of them are medical. Then there's the potential pursuit she has to deal with. All in all, Zaneta may need to refocus. [General Content Warning for Gaslighting.]   ---- Written, Performed,

Ties are never fully severed. Connections linger. Zaneta is left to navigate the resulting forest of ghosts she only partially recognizes. [General Content Warning for Gaslighting.]   ---- Written, Performed, and Produced by MJ Bailey

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