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It is London, 1885 — an alternate history, where the computer age has come 150 years early. In this world of airships, automatons, and computational engines, a family of Victorian science geniuses match wits and weapons against a criminal mastermind for the fate of the Empire.


We're in final edits of Season One of BRASS: The Audio Series, and wanted to share with you our first teaser, which is being sent out to our radio affiliates today! If you've got a minute (or a minute and five seconds, to be precise),

In the first of this original alternative history series, the Brass Family, a quartet of Victorian science geniuses, return to London after years abroad, little suspecting that a sinister conspiracy plots against them.

The Brass Family's return to London turns out to be a bit of a sticky wicket, due to some trouble with an ambush.

The Family are received by the Queen and Royal Consort and learn of the resurgence in London of the criminal underworld. Meanwhile Gwendolyn and Cyril meet the intriguing Lord Whitestone, and Crawford gets some news.

The Family meet a mechanical detective a get a police briefing, and Gwendolyn has a surprise visitor.

Gwendolyn and Lord Whitestone have a conversation in an unconventional location, and Lord Brass receives a friend in his laboratory.

Cyril is taken to the world of the theatre and meets Oscar Wilde, while a conversation takes place in a pitch-dark room.

Gwendolyn visits London's most exclusive gambling club while Cyril makes a midnight visit to a theatre.

Cyril witnesses an unusual audition and Gwendolyn gets a tour of the back rooms of the Blackfire Club.

Cyril meets a theater phantom while his parents pay a trip to the morgue.

Gwendolyn faces a problem head-on, while her parents prepare to visit the Graveyard King.

Some dangers are averted, but others reveal themselves as Season 2 begins.

A gathering of London's criminal bosses by the Crime Minister reveals his plans to destroy the Brass family.

Over breakfast, the family discusses politics, philosophy and wardrobe, while downstairs, talk among the servants hints at a gathering storm.

It's a lovely September morning in London. But while the Brasses prepare for their day, something's afoot on Babbage Street.

The assault on the Brass home begins, and Mrs. Drake handles a difficult situation adroitly.

Lord Brass sends a distress call out through unconventional means, and Ponder Wright hears it.

The enemies are at the door, and Gwendolyn and Cyril make a trip across the street as things get stickier.

Lord Whitestone makes a purchase, the Brasses contemplate more extreme measures and Ponder Wright visits a street fair.

Ponder and Cyril have a conversation, unwanted guests are rather insistent, and Lord Whitestone performs an aeronautical feat.

Even more than Victorian history, the world of BRASS is inspired by the fiction of the 19th and early 20th century. Literary creations like the Phantom of the Opera and Sherlock Holmes rub shoulders with Tesla and Oscar Wilde in our story,

As news of the approaching catastrophe spreads, our friends seek escape, while high above the melee, Lord Whitestone attempts a difficult negotiation.

Crooks and Nannies: Lord and Lady Brass pay a visit on a grieving widow, and find themselves drawn head-first into the mystery of a missing child. - Cast List

Falling Rocks and Flying Knives. Trapped in The Spookhouse, the deathtrap-laden lair of the villainous Peck-in-the-Crown, the Brasses have their ingenuity tested to the shattering point, while a sinister conspiracy stays one step ahead of them.

Salons and Seances:  The Brasses visit the salon of Victorian Renaissance man William Morris, have some harrowing conversations with a firebrand anarchist, and meet a guide to occult London, a young poet with a supernatural bent, William Butler Yeats.

The Second Coming: Lord and Lady Brass rush across London trying to save both a missing child and an abducted poet, while Yeats comes face-to-face with the mysterious Master and learns his occult plans! Bickering cultists,

Some updates and news on BRASS, including our next season and information about our companion podcast, BRASS Stacks.

A solemn memorial is held for the Brass family in the final resting place of English heroes, Westminster Abbey.

Lord Whitestone goes drinking with an aviator chum, and Lord Trent delivers a significant speech in the House of Lords.

Lord Whitestone has visitors and Lord Trent bridles at the Crime Minister's plans.

Cyril and Lord Brass bring their friends to the Department of Topography and Statistics, and a conversation takes place on a ship leaving England.

It is now 1886, and a new Prime Minister is in power. Arriving in Scotland, Lady Brass gets an update from the staff, while back in London, Ponder meets with a retired pugilist.

Lord Brass and Conrad speak with a delegate of American radicals, while Gwendolyn and Dan seek out the lair of Kensington Gore, Crime Boss of the theatre gangs. -   -  

Gwendolyn and Dan get a backstage pass in pursuit of the mysterious Kensington Gore, while Ponder Wright has a drink with his brother Mordecai.

Cyril and Lord Whitestone make a nighttime foray into a Parisian cemetery, while Gwendolyn infiltrates a "monthly lottery" of the greatest villains in London.

Lady Brass inspects a velodrome, Lord Brass surveys a conference room and Ponder and Dan pay a visit to the Ministry of Science.

A Royal Rescue Mission, A Meeting of Continental Spies, and an Identity Revealed in our Season Three Finale!

A brief holiday greeting and some news on BRASS Yuletide Specials, including our live stage show The Christmas Case: A Lady Brass Mystery.

Social Distancing, Victorian Style

The story of the Brass Family returns for its final (for now) chapter, Season Four, starting in two weeks. If you could use a gentle reminder of a plot line or two, give this a listen! (Though no guarantee that it won't leave you MORE confused....)

A collection of cliffhangers are rapidly resolved--though with some dire consequences for some of our heroes.

Cyril and Whitestone meet mysterious priests,  Gwen and Tesla finish a project and things look poorly for Ponder.

Lord Brass talks to the aviatrix, the Crime Minister moves some pieces, and Vincent Law shares a secret.

Lord Brass examines some craft, Gwendolyn leads a meeting, and a mystery emerges regarding Professor Von Hoffmann.

The intrigue continues as Gwendolyn goes street peddling, Cyril has a romantic ocean crossing and Lady Brass meets with the infamous leader of Edinburgh's Chinatown, Madame Hao.

Lord Brass and Ab'd discuss realpolitik, Cyril has an audience with an archbishop, the Crime Minister gives a geometry lesson, and Gwendolyn plans a heist.

The cat-and-mouse games continue between Lord Brass and the Crime Minister, Gwendolyn visits a policeman, and Lord Trent arrives for another interview in the dark room.

Lord Brass gives a speech, Cyril visits a newspaper, and the Crime Minister reveals his plans for retribution.

Lord Brass has tea, Lady Brass sees to an an exit, Gwendolyn arranges an entrance, and Mechanical Badgers.

Lord Whitestone visits Parliament, Gwendolyn has some social calls, and the family has breakfast together. Pretty much how you might imagine things conclude.

Yes, yes, we know that BRASS concerns a family of Victorian science heroes matching wits and weapons with a mysterious Crime Minister, but what's it ABOUT? Here's a quick Season One teaser to give you a taste!

Need a refresher on the world of BRASS? Here's a fully-produced synopses featuring some of our favorite scenes from Season One.

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