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When an experiment in a time much like our own goes horribly awry, Dr. Sally Grissom finds herself stranded in the past and entrenched in the activities of a clandestine branch of the US government. Grissom and her team quickly learn that there's no safety net when toying with the fundamental logic of the universe.

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A story about the past, the future, and the choices we make that can change both forever.

Season: 1 Episode: 1
A story about the past, the future, and the choices we make that can change both forever

Season: 1 Episode: 2
A power outage creates an unlikely friendship.

Season: 1 Episode: 3
Sally and her assistants Jack Wyatt and Esther Roberts have to present a working Timepiece to the top brass in a week’s time. The only problem? It’s really hard to present time travel in the flesh. To ease the pressure, Anthony Partridge suggests a w

Season: 1 Episode: 4
Chet Whickman, head of ODAR security, is here to break up the party. Time is ticking down til Judgment Day, but their transport vehicles break down in the middle of the desert. Sally, Chet, Anthony and his wife Helen witness the dawn of a new age of milit

Season: 1 Episode: 5
Quentin Barlowe dies mysteriously, and all fingers point to Sally Grissom. To prove her innocence, Sally works through the night to create the TAP, a window through time, so she can see what really happened. But when she’s confronted by the widow June B

A story about the past, the future, and the choices we make that can change both forever

Season: 1 Episode: 6
Sally is drunk, locked in a broom closet and the town is about to explode. But it’s hard to invest in the future of Polvo when projects are getting cut left and right, and Intelligence Agent Hank Cornish is closing up the town for good. Can Sally and Ja

Season: 1 Episode: 7
Bill Donovan’s called in every favor he has to keep the lights on and the Timepiece up and running. Banished to the isolated mountain town of Point-of-Exile, Colorado, and with so many failures under their belt, can Sally, Esther, Jack, Chet, Anthony an

Season: 1 Episode: 8
As work continues on a new iteration of ODAR’s time-bending technology, Jack Wyatt can’t shake the feeling that he might not be right for the job, and Esther is left picking up the pieces. Meanwhile, Anthony Partridge is investigating a new face in to

Warning: Content Marked Explicit.
Sneak peek of the next episode.

Season: 1 Episode: 9
An accident finally leads to a practically-demonstrable use of the Timepiece: the CAGE, a bubble of time outside the universe. Chet isn’t too happy with Esther’s decision to spend 24 (relative) hours trapped inside it. But when he is trapped inside wi

Season: 1 Episode: 10
It’s Christmastime again, and the team is on the verge of a breakthrough. Anthony Partridge has been working nonstop to finish his latest invention, and though he’s made substantial gains, he may stand to lose even more. Jack Wyatt is done with the wh

Season: 1 Episode: 11
Anthony Partridge has stumbled across a box full of tapes in Bill Donovan’s office. Spoilers: Bill’s had the whole town wired for years, and he’s recorded EVERYTHING. And that’s not all–he’s been blackmailing politicians, he manipulated Helen,

Season: 1 Episode: 12
When Anthony seeks revenge on Bill Donovan for his crimes, he finds more than he’d bargained for: due to the effects of CAGE therapy, he’s a frail old man, confined to a bed, but otherwise healthy. But that won’t be enough to stop Anthony Partridge

Season: 2 Episode: 1
As punishment for his crimes, Anthony Partridge is exiled to the Blackroom, ODAR’s communications hub situated at the anchor point. He’s not so sure he wants to be ODAR’s slave until the end of his days, but that all changes when he’s the only one

Season: 2 Episode: 2
Louis Gaines is a journalism professor in trouble for introducing taboo concepts to his students. David Marian is a chess prodigy with an anger streak. The two war buddies are recruited by a mysterious government agency. Is it ODAR? Of course it is. But w

Season: 2 Episode: 3
Sally and Esther fly out to the east coast. Sally has found a way to communicate with Anthony in the Blackroom, and needs to go to Philadelphia and commit a few crimes and put her life in mortal danger to make it happen– y’know, the usual. Meanwhile,

Season: 2 Episode: 4
What’s an ODAR agent doing in the Philadelphia harbor? Nikhil Sharma is from a future dangerously close to Sally’s own, and he claims to have forgotten his orders. Claims. Happy to meet someone who gets all of her Back to the Future references, Sally

Season: 2 Episode: 5
Still shaken since Sharma, Sally seeks a shrink. Meanwhile, mild-mannered Maggie manipulates mice.

Season: 2 Episode: 6
Sally starts gardening and digs up something from her past. Esther falls back on old habits. Chet realizes he’s not here to make friends.

Season: 2
A visitor appears.

Season: 2 Episode: 7
Petra and Carmen have been recruited for a special training protocol within ODAR. Their mission: Grow up through history backwards, make no connection with the world around them, in an attempt to Stave Off the deadly effects of Butterfly Syndrome. Helped

Season: 2 Episode: 8
Anthony’s poking at the limits of the Blackroom, and facing his inevitable lonely demise, conspires with Sally to look for a way out. But when Esther and ODAR get word of the team-up, their concern for their future brings them to conflict.

Season: 2 Episode: 9
Lou Gaines is on a mission to find his friend David Marian, and in the course of his search ropes in others who have fallen beside ODAR's wake.

Season: 2 Episode: 10
June Barlowe's done biding her time. She's out for vengeance for her late husband Quentin, and heaven help ODAR and anyone else who stands in her way–except for a face she never thought she'd see again...

Season: 2 Episode: 11
The team has assembled, and it's time to take the fight to ODAR. Step 1: get Victor Lambert out of an ODAR prison facility, with a passcode from the desk of Director Chet Whickman himself. To pull this stunt off, they'll need help from an unlikely source.

Season: 2 Episode: 12
The last remaining record of Dr. Nikhil Sharma, friend to Sally Grissom and foe to ODAR. His presence in only three days of 1949 caused deviations to the timeline not even the Blackroom could predict. What led this rogue element to betray his allegiances

Season: 2 Episode: 13
Chet draws a line in the sand; the Anchorites are trapped. But sand is easily washed away by a rising tide.

Season: 2
A training tape shown to new ODAR recruits.

Warning: Content Marked Explicit.
Places unknown. Memories resurfaced. A young woman in a lighthouse, finally learning how to leave home.

Season: 2
A day in the life of Sally's cat Archimedes. Follow the Cat About Town; surely he can't get into more trouble than his owner. Can he?

Warning: Content Marked Explicit.
Places unknown. Memories resurfaced. A young woman in a lighthouse, finally learning how to leave home.

Season: 2
Swearing's come a long way in 70 years, but Sally's getting impatient. She's ready for a new age in linguistic expression.

From ars PARADOXICA and Whisperforge Radio Stories on the Air Except It's the Internet Now, it's TIMESWIMMERS!

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Surprising no one, Dan & Mischa can't announce news about Season 3 without cramming in a dumb bit. Regular episodes of ars Paradoxica return Wednesday, October 25th!

Season: 3 Episode: 1
A high-profile mission goes awry when ODAR is struck blind and their enemies begin to anticipate their every move.

Season: 3 Episode: 2
The trial of Esther Roberts.

Season: 3 Episode: 3
The aftermath of the Roberts trial spurs ODAR’s inner circle to action. A hidden threat must be exposed, before all is lost.

Season: 3 Episode: 4
Tensions mount as the crew turns in on itself. Sally and Petra fly east to examine something broken. Petra finds a new confidant.

Season: 3 Episode: 5
Trapped in an ODAR lockdown with boiling tempers and a deadly enemy, Sally and crew struggle to find a way out. Meanwhile, Chet finds some downtime.

Season: 3 Episode: 6
On the brink of disaster, our heroes are stretched to their limits.

Season: 3
Warning: Content Marked Explicit.
An announcement about the end of the show. Yes, you heard right: Season 3 will be the last season. But also, the best.

Season: 3 Episode: 7
Sally pines for a friend. Esther struggles to catch up without her usual resources. Chet's on his way out. One last secret play before the new Director comes to town.

Season: 3 Episode: 8
Sally meets with someone outside her circle and makes a desperate bargain with the mysterious new ODAR Director.

Season: 3 Episode: 9
It's all hands on deck in Colorado. Sally Grissom's been kidnapped. An ocean away, she matches wits with somebody new.

Season: 3 Episode: 10
Petra, Lou and the 77s infiltrate the KTNK stronghold to rescue Sally. But while inside, they might find more than they bargained for. They may have to pay a dear price to retrieve her.

Season: 3 Episode: 11
Though they are glad to return to Point-of-Exile once more after a long mission, our heroes may not be the same people they were when they left. Some for the better, others… less.

Season: 3 Episode: 12
After leaving Point-of-Exile, Sally runs into friends old and new. Petra plans a party.

Season: 3 Episode: 13
It’s 1943. Sally Grissom has accidentally invented time travel. But things don’t transpire exactly as we remember.

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Season: 3 Episode: 14
The final confrontation. An end, possibly a beginning.

Warning: Content Marked Explicit.
At PodCon 2017, weary travelers Kristen and Dan just want to check into their hotel room. Deprived a clean bed and a warm shower, they search for food and pine about potentially-lost costumes.

Warning: Content Marked Explicit.
The Far Meridian returns August 27th.

A story about the past, the future, and the choices we make that can change both forever

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CARAVAN, A Weird-West Audio Adventure by Tau Zaman.

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