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Presenting: Dumbgeons and Dragons -- "The Call to Adventure" S1E74

Warning: Content Marked Explicit.
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The Carlötta Beautox Chronicles will return in November 2020! In the meantime, we have a real treat for you: Dumbgeons and Dragons, an actual play fiction podcast set in a fantasy world where friends become heroes in their attempt to save the world. Today we begin the story of 3 new adventurers. Some who have seen first hand what the Cult of the Dragon can do when they have their full force behind them. Their stories begin with tragedy, heartache and hope. Oh... and laughs... we didn't forget some good laughs!

Sully is real sly with a swift kick. Moot gets some shady advice. Glim is a starry-eyed optimist. 


DM: Russ More

Players: Amy More, Carla Maxted, Tom Laird

Sound Design: Russ More

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