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Minisode #15: The Continuing Misadventures of Brian and Maryanne #3 | GUEST STARRING: Chip Joslin (Written by George Wolf)

Season: 2
Warning: Content Marked Explicit.
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The epic minisode series written by George Wolf concludes with this final episode. MaryAnne is hot on the trail of Brian, Moose, Punch and Grahm, but an old enemy from Grahm's past has returned with a vengeance. We are joined this episode by actor/voice actor Chip Joslin, the original voice of Grahm in Fallout 76 who is voicing the villainous Blackskull. The final episode of Briognak The Scouting Barbarian begins now.

This episode also features again veteran actor Simon Bugg as our old time radio announcer and podcaster/voice actor Brad Williams as Jim!

The remainder of this season our episodes will be for charity. Pleasure support our Fallout For Hope fundraiser supporting the humanitarian work of Project Hope: Tiltify - Fallout For Hope #UkraineRelief

  • GUEST: Chip Joslin ~ BlackSkull, Lazarus
  • Alexander Luthor ~ Sound Tech 
  • Kenneth Vigue ~ Director
  • Dr. Mark Hauswirth ~ Brian, Grahm
  • Jessica Dickey ~ MaryAnne
  • Clint Winberry ~ Moose, Mutant #3
  • Christian Mower ~ Punch, Mutant #2
  • Simon Bugg ~ Radio Announcer
  • Brad Williams ~ Jim, Mutant #1
  • Sophia Hauswirth ~ Becky Watts
  • Logan Hauswirth ~ Timmy

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I hope to see you all in the Wasteland...

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