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episode 92: A Midsummer Night's ... whatever the hell this is

Season: 5
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As Narrator 2 says in this episode, "English majors must perforce English maj," so here's the episode you've all been dreading: the Fakespeare. Come on, stop whining, you knew it was coming. If you're not familiar with A Midsummer Night's Dream, well, there are lots of really excellent versions out there. We prefer you NOT listen to those, however, as that's going to make this seem even more torturous than being read Vogon poetry before being shot out into space. That said, it was fun to write and fun to do, so ... get over it. Also, the second half should show up on Feb. 14, a day some folks seem to think is special. Thou hast been listening to... David S Dear as Dr. Theo Bromae Kevin Hall as Greg Sarah Golding as Mrs Sheffield Eric Perry as Dr. von Haber Zetzer Shannon Perry as Olivia Chrisi Talyn Saje as Julie Tim Sherburn as Colin Sarah Rhea Warner as Pipistrelle Bonnie Brantley as Duckweed, Wooly Sedge, Horsetail, and Cattail. Kyle Jones is your Narrator 2, And Chris Nadolny Gourley is your Narrator. Our music was writ by John Faley, and our artwork from the fevered brow of Lucas Elliott. Sarah Golding our dialogue did edit, and Shannon Perry our sound design'ed. Lamentably, our story of Oz 9, much like the alien of old, did explode from the head of Shannon Perry and wreaketh much havoc upon a space ship. Check out more nonsense at https://oz-9.com. Know you now that Oz 9 doth hang about with many a rascally and ill-reputed tale amidst the Fable and Folly Network; go thee hence to fableandfolly.com and there beguile your idle hours with true delights. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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