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S2E13: Susie's Deadtime Stories ~ Part 2

Season: 2 Episode: 13
Warning: Content Marked Explicit.
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Halloween is winding down in Appalachia as it has grown deathly quiet outside. Chaos reigns in Appalachia as Charleston is attacked by aliens and scorched trick or treaters and wendigos are hunting outside. Chad's gang huddles close safely inside the Rusty Pick by a warm fire, reading the last two stories before Susie is tucked into bed. And yet...

“Susie’s Deadtime Stories” (Wraparound), written by Kenneth Vigue.

  • Alexander Luthor ~ Chad Johnson, Bear
  • Kenneth Vigue ~ Narrator
  • Jessica Duval ~ Susie, Ella
  • Clint Winberry ~ Moose
  • Christian Mower ~ Punch, The Night Wolf, Scorched Trick or Treater
  • Kevin Chenard ~ Old Man, Ringer, Mama Murmurgh
  • Fenwa Teryen ~ Charles Bishop,
  • Jessica Marie Dickey ~ Woman, Patsy
  • Mary Kalopodes-Saunders ~ Overseer
  • Mark Hauswirth ~ Slick Willy

Vignette #4 "Forever and Always"

  • Trenton Butt ~ Aurelian Woodlocke
  • Atticus Jackson ~ Lucas Thorne
  • Simone ~ Kayce Baker
  • Grams Thorne ~ Jessica Dickey
  • The Wanderer ~ Oliver Larch
  • Trey Bradley ~ Kenneth Vigue
  • Kevin Quinn ~ Brad Williams
  • Melinda Quinn ~ Taylor Jinx Knight
  • Cal Ripley ~ Clint Winberry
  • Waitress ~ Summer Rose
  • Mr. Harvey (Mr. Handy type) ~ Christian Mower
  • Vincent Von Ghoul ~ GUEST: Chris Ciulla

Vignette #5 "Death of a Doll", adapted from a story from the Inner Sanctum OTR show, written by Fred Maytho

  • Willie Harper ~ Alexander Luthor
  • Mr. McGrundy (The Night Editor Bot) ~ Christian Mower
  • Mr. Jackson (Mortician) ~ Lucas Wright
  • Clerk ~ Keemo Provorse
  • The Doll ~ Jessica Duval
  • Det. McShea (Fake Kara Nana) ~ Clint Winberry
  • Beau Cousins ~ Mark Hauswirth

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I hope to see you all in the Wasteland...

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