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Toxically Sweet

Warning: Content Marked Explicit.
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  • Trigger Warning: The subject matter of this fictional podcast episode includes teen stalking and teen violence that may be distressing to some.

KIYANA GORDON has finally found a quiet corner to herself. With her recent rise in popularity since establishing a successful YouTube channel, she has felt like her life has been moving 100 miles per hour. Near constant content, keeping up with endorsements, and all of the people that now want to be her “friend”, she’s doesn’t exactly know how to feel. She’s happy that people know who she is and that she’s making money, but her life is starting to feel out of control.

She crept off after fighting her way out of school through a crowd and walked around to the library hoping to catch a break. She is relieved to find that no one is really there and she revels in the moment’s peace, knowing that soon she’ll have to get back to work and back to people. She feels as if she is being watched, but she is most of the time so she just ignores it. 

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Voice Actors

Kima Antoine – Kiyana (KiKi)

Jalen Harris – Jayden

Antares Davinci- Candace (Candi)

Executive Producer/Creator/Narrator – Joi Mitchell

Music From Epidemic Sound

Intro/Outro – Yomoti Blurred Out

M.I.A. – R.A.D.

Sirius – Sarah, the instrumentalist

Strings – Cushy

Got Some Jones – Push N’ Slide

Audio Editor:

Scott Stronach – SoundMind Editing

Sound Effects

Epidemic Sound & Youtube Audio Library

Photo Credit- UNSPLASH @5amtoday Steven Jones


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