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The Recording

Warning: Content Marked Explicit.
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SHANI, 16-year-old high school student, sits horrified, mind racing only a bit faster than her

heartbeat. She is in an abandoned classroom in the school, listening to her iPad. At only 5 feet

tall, her feet swing off of the ground in the tall stools. She twists her braids in her hand

nervously, feeling glad that she is wearing black. She feels less visible. It is like her worst

nightmare come true. She listens in disbelief, hoping against hope that she is mistaken about

what she heard. But she knows what it is. All over social media are words that she knows

well because they come from her very own recordings. She wants to die.

As she sits dazed, not wanting to listen, but not able to stop, 17-year-old TY comes bursting

into the room. Tall and thin, he is wearing his professional attire for dress to impress day. He

runs his hand across his waves and turns on SHANI.

Welcome as Tales Of The Text Podcast presents "The Recording". Have you ever used voice memo and just walked away or have you ever secretly recorded your friends?

Join us after the drama for our After The Text segment where we discuss the themes covered in the show. We discuss how the characters and story lines in the show relate to our own lives and what lessons we can take from this episode of Tales of the Text podcast.

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Leland Stanford

Hugo Sunchild @hugo_sunchild

Executive Producer/Creator/Narrator

Ms. J (Joi Mitchell)

Music From Epidemic Sound

Yomoti - Blurred Out (podcast intro music bed)

SINY - Buzz (@ :24 second mark)

Vaxla - Isberg (@ 8:06 mark)

_91Nova - Gridworld (@ 15:29 mark)

oomie - Imaginary Friends (After The Text @ 16:18 mark)

Audio Editor:

Scott Stronach - SoundMind Editing

Sound Effects

Epidemic Sound & Youtube Audio Library

Recorded At Mystery Street Recording ~ Chicago, Illinois

Photo Credit- Shutter Stock

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