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BONUS: "The Fallout Hub" Podcast (My New Show) ~ Prologue & Episode 1

Warning: Content Marked Explicit.
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I was invited by Dave Chafinz of the former Vault Boys West Virginia podcast and Mr. Robots of the Fallout Lorecast to co-host with them a new Fallout news, community and discussion program called The Fallout Hub. Fear not...I am lending my voice and thoughts with this show and our CHAD podcast has 3 more seasons to go!

We’ll be dropping an episode next week in which I’ll be talking in more detail about to expect with the live show. If you haven’t checked out that show, give a listen and subscribe to hear more from me on everything Fallout there. In between now and the end of the month when our live episode will air I’m going to add the first episode as a bonus episode for you to listen to.

On the first episode of The Fallout Hub, Tom, Ken, and Dave clamber down into the vault to broadcast their latest thoughts. Hackers are busy going Super Saiyan over the Whitespring (and the group looses it over his naughty username). We talk about "bloodied is the new black" as we deep dive into the “Glass Cannon” of Fallout 76. Bethesda may even be a genie in the bottle as fans react to the Fallout 1st subscription model. Also Ray and Lucy Middelthon of the Fallout Five-0 drop by to talk about community based roleplaying in Fallout 76. Of course, the first people to break in on us are the cops!


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