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Sister's Keeper

Warning: Content Marked Explicit.
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It's late night and JESSICA is in bed. The moon shines bright through her bedroom window. It's cold outside and the leaves have all fallen from the trees. Hanging tree branches tap at Jessica's window lightly causing her to stir, but not wake.

On her night stand next to her bed sits a glass of water and her cell phone. A cool breeze seeps into the room causing Jessica to shiver a little and her curtains to move. Then a woman's voice whispers, "make them pay" in Jessica's ear. To find out more put your headphones on to hear the drama, secrets, and plot twists as Tales of the Text presents Sister's Keeper.

Join us after the drama for our After The Text segment where we discuss the themes covered in the show. We discuss how the characters and storylines in the podcast relate to our own lives and what lessons we can take from this episode of Tales of the Text podcast.

Young Voice Actors



Hugo Sunchild @hugo_sunchild


Executive Producer/Creator/Narrator

Joi Mitchell (Ms.J)


Save Me (intro) - Clark Make Hits


Super Bad - The Beat Plug @ the 2:11 mark


Decline (after the text) - The Cratez


Audio Editor:

@emmyk10 ~ Emmanuel Kolawole Olugbenga

Sound Effects

Epidemic Sound

Recorded At Mystery Street Recording ~ Chicago, Illinois

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Photo Credit - https://www.pexels.com/@brett-sayles

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