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For the first time since a serious car accident forced her to drop out of university and left her with injuries that may not ever heal, Felisa returns to the Philippines with her parents. Ultimately, she knows her life has not been what they were hoping it would be, but for the sake of the school assignment given to her to make up for the class she’ll miss, Felisa will document her trip with a series of audio recordings. Trips like this are mostly domestic bliss, but for they sake of her assignment, the family is planning a few outings, including a trip to a rather famous mountain whose guardian—unbeknownst to her—still lingers.

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In the beginning, there was a… Not so stellar introduction. And airports don’t make for great recording spaces, but Felisa is trying to make it work. After all, this is an assignment. More accurately,

To make her trip to the Philippines possible, Felisa needs to make a series of audio files documenting her experience.   Before she leaves, her professor has some reflection questions for Felisa to answer.   CW: for ableism ----

Felisa's first true audio blog, recorded shortly after landing. It's her first full day in the Philippines. But not where she maybe should have been. She promises she means that literally though.   CW: for ableism; insecurity after a traumatic injur...

A new day means a good breakfast. And a new start now that Felisa is somewhat able to handle the drive. But really, transit was only  part of the issue. There's still the anticipation of what comes next, but she has a weird relationship with waiting.....

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