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From the coldest spot in the nation comes a collection of chilling tales rendered in beautiful dramatized audio! Frozen Frights: the very best horror and suspense from the Icebox Radio Theater.

Copyright The Icebox Radio Theater

Warning: Content Marked Explicit.
A solitary man heads to his fishing shack out on a frozen lake, unaware the storm of the century is bearing down on him. What he discovers in that storm - and what comes to his aid - defines the unexpected. Originally produced by the Icebox Radio...

Warning: Content Marked Explicit.
Something is eating hunters and campers in the Great North Woods. It’s big, it’s nasty, and it doesn’t care what gets in its way. It’s, ‘The Gular’ a fun, horror-filled romp from the Icebox Radio Theater that premiered on Halloween, 2014.

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Lovecraft meets Northern Minnesota in this Internet update on a classic tale. Three people exchange letters about mysterious creatures on a Northern Minnesota lake, but no one is what they seem. Recorded LIVE at CONvergence 2008

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Horror in the North woods as the Icebox Radio Theater re-creates the legend of the Windego, a Native spirit thought to drive men to madness and cannibalism! Originally produced in 2010.

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Understated and timeless, this ghost story starring Aela Mackintosh and Linda Faith is a chilling tale of pride, vengeance and regret.

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The 'found footage' genre get's an audio treatment. Actors at a radio theater hear strange noises through the walls of their studio while a cellphone captures it all

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Four bureaucrats investigate a border-straddling haunted house in this IBRT Halloween classic!

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A bitter old woman moves into an isolated house on the dunes. But she might not be nasty enough to resist what lurks inside.

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Brothers discover a carnival that pays tribute to Ray Bradbury's 'Something Wicked This Way Comes', only to discover 'tribute' may not be the right word.

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From playwright Kelly Dorsey comes the chilling tale of a young girl discovering a Ouija Board in her new house, and an attentive spirit to go with it!

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An old time radio recreation of the classic George Toudouze story about 3 lighthouse keepers trapped inside their light while an army of hungry rats tries to get in. Recorded before a live audience!

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#13 Growing up his hard. Growing up with a super-religious mother in a culture the idolizes vampires as sex objects is even harder. Can you blaime a girl for getting...confused?

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#14 When two thrill-seeking teens venture into the woods to visit the cabin of their local boogie man, they get much, much more than they bargained for.

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#15 The snow is melting a little too fast leaving teens home for an unexpected snow day. But are they really alone?

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#16 Three stories woven together to celebrate the creepy side of the 31st of October.

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#17 When a couple move into the perfect lake home, a nosy neighbor tells them all about the house's bloody history. But is the neighbor just an observer? Or something more?

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#18 A first for the IBRT: an old time radio recreation! It's the classic Light's Out episode showing what happens when you ignore World War II to grow flowers: 'Revolt of the Worms' from Arch Obler, recorded before a live audience.

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#19 Another live recording of an Arch Obler, 'Lights Out' classic. 'Catwife' recorded at the 2015 Bundled Up Theatre Festival.

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#20. An old woman, nasty to nearly everyone but her beloved cats. What need have we for people when animals love us so? The question is, how much will they love us…when they’re hungry?

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#21. A couple driving through the woods on an autumn’s day. No radio signals, no phone service. That house they passed, hadn’t they passed it before? Suddenly, the phone rings…

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#22 A treat from Halloween. When a terminally ill woman is recruited by the army to spy on an old professor, she finds herself considering a very unconventional cure. But is she a patient? Or a guinea pig?

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#23 A man returns to the site of horrible abuse he suffered as a child. He's there to burn a cabin to the ground. But can he face the ghosts of the past when they may be more than memories?

#24 A photographer goes to a remote island for shots of a rare species of bat. But after she's bitten, she discovers her entire reality turned upside down.

A couple move to a benign-looking neighborhood only to discover it has a terrifying secret. Recorded LIVE in 2014 as part of the Bundled Up Theater Festival.

John Bell guest stars in this story of a demon slumming in a small town church. What will happen when the earnest, young pastor discovers his secret, and 'Harry' decides to fight back?

Four people trapped inside a church basement during a terrible storm. But there is something different about this storm, and it may cost our little foresome their very souls.

A writer arrives at an issolated resort in late winter to try and break up her writer's block. What she discovers is a ghost story, a bothersome neighbor and a horrible secret. Recorded live-to-webcast during the 2015 Bundled Up Theater Festival.

A teenage girl moves to yet-another new town with her struggling family only to discover their new house comes with a ghostly legend. When she hears chopping in the back yard, does that mean Autumn is next for the axe?

From the pen of Dave Erwin, a war-time ghost story about the famous Drakes Drum and how the ghost of Sir Frances Drake came to England's aid during WWII. Sound effects and sound design also by Dave Erwin.

From author Craig Finseth, a tale of ghostly lights and eerie motoring along Minnesota's fabled North Shore. Starring Karen Shickell.

Two shorts from the IBRT. First, a girl in the future discovers her anti-social personality may be her ticket to richest in 'Red Ink', then a live reading of Poe's 'The Raven'

From the archives of Jeff Adams' original show, Imagination-X, comes a classic ghost story.

From 2002. Winner of the Silver Ogle for best fantasy or horror story of the year. Starring Jeffrey Adams and Rachel Adams.

From Imagination-X, a story about carpooling and what really goes on in the mind of a killer. Jeffrey Adams did the voices, and everything else!

One of the last episodes of IX ever produced, and the only one produced in MN. Unlike anything we've ever done before at IBRT.

Recognized with an Honorable Mention by the 2003 Mark Time/Ogle Awards for best horror audio of the year, this is one of the scariest shorts ever done by Imagination-X. Enjoy!

A secret research facility. An un-holy experiment. A reporter who goes one step too far to get the story. “10/25/03” was the first story Jeff Adams ever recorded on location at a friend’s farm outside Monmouth, Oregon.

A chilling tale of abuse, madness and more from the archive of Imagination-X. It’s the legend of ‘Bogman’.

Visitation was written and directed by Jeffrey Adams It featured Caleb Silvers as the doctor, Beth Lowthian as the enthusiastic woman, Jeffrey Adams was Rory and the storyteller, and starring Rachel Malasig as Lynn. Sound design and binaural...

When two men do a little urban archeology in a condemned school building, they encounter the darkest sort of haunting in basement. Copyright 2017 by the Icebox Radio Theater. Starring Justin Kapla & Cody Boyer. Written & directed by Jeffrey Adams.

Police interview a murderer trying to understand why he killed and then simply tossed the body in a snowbank to be found by spring. But nothing is as it appears in this psychological thriller. Recorded 2010 in International Falls, MN

Starring Jessica Liggins and Neill Smith. Originally recorded in 2009, horror comes to the North Woods in this tale of a young girl pawned off on her grandfather at his lake cabin, only to start hearing voices from 'across'.

A recreation of the classic play by Lucille Fletcher. Originally recorded as part of the Sonic Society Summer Showcase.

On a special edition of Frozen Frights, Jeff brings out a little side project he worked on a few years back. 'Ghost Story' was a collection of all-original tales that appeard simultaneously on Youtube, as a podcast and on a popular Creepypasta site....

On a special edition of Frozen Frights, Jeff brings out a little side project he worked on a few years back. 'Ghost Story' was a collection of all-original tales that appeard simultaneously on Youtube, as a podcast and on a popular Creepypasta site.

A man alone on a distant space station must deal with things. From the archives of Imagination-X, the lost episode created by Jeff Adams around 2002.

A man is hired to erase old surveillance tapes, but one proves too tempting to resist. Thanks to the Kevin MacLeod for the great music! “Static Motion” by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0...

‘The House in Cypress Canyon’ written by Richard. L. Roberts. Originally broadcast December 5, 1946 on ‘Suspense’. Recorded before a live audience on October 18, 2019 at Backus Community Center, Int’l Falls, Minnesota. Featuring (in order of...

On a special edition of Frozen Frights, Jeff brings out a little side project he worked on a few years back. 'Ghost Story' was a collection of all-original tales that appeard simultaneously on Youtube, as a podcast and on a popular Creepypasta site....

Please listen with headphones… You've never heard THIS story before... A group of friends aren’t sure what to do about the elderly, pushy landlady who keeps trying to insert herself into their group. Then, the lady let’s slip that she’s a witch and...

Please listen with headphones… You've never heard THIS story before... Two friends can’t wait for the premiere of the new movie ‘It’. But as the film begins, and real clown walks into the theater and sits down next to them. Some images provided by...

Please listen with Headphones Story by WhisperingMan. You've never heard THIS story before... A man goes into a diner. Madness, guns and terror are on the menu. Just don’t forget the salt. Music (?) from Whatisvalis.

Please listen with Headphones Story by WhisperingMan. You've never heard THIS story before... A weary traveler pulls into an old hotel and discovers unimaginable horror. Thanks to the Kevin MacLeod for the great music! “Gathering Darkness” by...

In tribute to the great OTR horror hosts of the past such as ‘The Witch’s Tale’ & ‘The Hermit’s Cave’, we are proud to present the premiere episode of ‘The Winter Warlock’. Two hunter return to their shack after a long day of deer hunting where...

Your cast featured Trelawney Erwin as Carrie, Jeffrey Adams as the Narrator, and Justin Kapla as Al. Other voices by the talented cast. Story, script and direction by Jeffrey Adams who also created the sound design. Some sound effects by the...

"Clinical Trial" tells the chilling story of a man forced to confront his own homicidal tendencies by a strange, alien race of 'interviewers' studying the darker side of humanity. Starring Aela Mackintosh, Cody Boyer, Caleb Silvers, Trelawney Erwin...

A couple who jumped off the track of life in high school reveal how they've stayed young all these years, and the price they'll pay for doing it. To listen to a preview CLICK HERE. The episode goes live to the public at 3pm on Saturday, March 21....

This podcast features intense scenes depicting the Coronavirus pandemic of 2020. At 9:15, there is a flashback scene depicting a sudden and violent death of a US soldier from an anti-personnel explosive device. Listener discretion is advised....

A elderly man suffering from memory loss has his life begin to crumble around him as his greatest sin, an act so terrible he spent years trying to forget, comes back to haunt him in the form of a blackmailer. The cast, in order of appearance,...

A college girl entrusted with a family secret is called into action by her grandfather into a desperate plan to save the world from an inter-dimensional invasion. The cast, in order of appearance, featured Rachel Malasig as Joeanne, Trelawney Erwin...

The Winter Warlock: The Deepest Part of the Lake from the Icebox Radio Theater. It starred Cody Boyer as Rory, Beth Nelson as Mom, Justin Kapla as Kyle, the vampire, and Jeffrey Adams as your host. Script, direction and sound design by Jeffrey...

A fishing guide haunted by the past agrees to guide two very mysterious strangers on a late-night trip. Starring Justin Kapla, Caleb Silvers, Aela Mackintosh & Jeffrey Adams. Starring Jeffrey Adams...Winter Warlock/Carl Justin Kapla…………....Rob Aela...

This has been, ‘Scoop’, an episode from “Lights Out” originally broadcast on the NBC radio network on June 1, 1938. Your cast featured… Caleb Silvers as Jim Cody Boyer as Harry Aela Mackintosh as Ms Ronson Justin Kapla was Jenkins Jeffrey Adams...

A sneak peek at the Frozen Frights podcast by the Icebox Radio Theater featuring a clip from 'Pickaxe Hill'

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