The Embers of Eden

"    The Embers of Eden " Podcast
Rival officers Sumner and Hewitt have found themselves trapped inside the mysterious ship which destroyed their own. Finding the truth about its origin may be just as important as staying alive. They'll have to set aside their personal conflict to withstand alien attacks, killer drones, the vacuum of space, and creatures which defy nature. Is the priority to escape or thwart a new danger to all human worlds? What secrets still burn like embers?Each episode of this science fiction adventure switches between the perspectives of Hewitt and Sumner as they fight for survival and answers.

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Episode: 1
Enjoy this sneak peak at the upcoming science-fiction audio drama series The Embers of Eden. Available Soon!----more----Music: Hybrid Action Music by Magmi.Soundtracks.  ( )

Episode: 2
The Embers of EdenEpisode 001: Unforseen When the starship Righteous Fury is destroyed, rival officers, Lt. Hewitt and Lt. Sumner, find themselves fighting to survive with only each other to count on. Told from Hewitt’s perspective. Opening and clos...

Episode: 3
The Embers of EdenEpisode 002: Historical Revision While fighting for his life, Sumner uncovers a startling revelation about the ship he's found himself on. Told from Sumner’s perspective. Opening and closing music: Mystery and Thriller by Akislouka...

Episode: 4
The Embers of EdenEpisode 003: Petty Bickering While searching for schematics, Hewitt encounters disturbing creatures and learns more about the experiments that once took place onboard. Told from Hewitt’s perspective. Opening and closing music: Myst...

Episode: 4
Learning of the super-powered A.I. called A.N.A., Sumner heads to the computer core...if he can make it there. Told from Sumner’s perspective.----more----Opening and closing music: Mystery and Thriller by Akisloukas. (

Episode: 5
Hewitt raids the armory, but finds more than just weapons and clues.----more----Opening and closing music: Mystery and Thriller by Akisloukas. ( ) 

Episode: 6
With all other routes to the computer core blocked, Sumner must traverse the ship's exterior. What could go wrong? ----more----Opening and closing music: Mystery and Thriller by Akisloukas. ( ) 

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