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From a Galaxy best heard through headphones comes, the adventures of The Awkward Screw! Climb aboard this Heavy-Repair vessel and get to know the four-person multi-species crew as they work their way through the Bell-Wave Galaxy. But somewhere along their path they find themselves in the midst of a quest to save the entire universe...

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The crew of the Awkward Screw is anxious to start their next job, but first they need clearance to leave Taka Station... Episode 1 releases 12/21/18!  

Season: 1 Episode: 17
The Awkward Screw docks with a Long-Range Asteroid Tracking satellite in a remote region of the Glove Belt to see why it's stopped transmitting to Taka Station. CreditsWritten and Produced by Michael Curtis and Tim RamaekersMixed and edited by Michael Cu.

Season: 1 Episode: 18
A radiation storm and a power spike aboard the LRAT has thrown a wrench into the crew’s plans for a quick repair job. CreditsWritten and Produced by Michael Curtis and Tim RamaekersMixed and Edited by Michael Curtis Music‘Dark Days’ and ‘Duchess of Doom’.

Season: 1 Episode: 3
The crew dock at Taka Station to resupply and get the Screw looked at. CreditsWritten and Produced by Michael Curtis and Tim RamaekersMixed and Edited by Michael Curtis CastArtur is Rixen BlackheartThe assistants are Zack MichelAnju Jayohwen is Jack Tyra.

Season: 1 Episode: 19
While the repairs on the ship are being completed, Helount and Artur finalize the plans for smuggling an ancient artifact to a massive mining outpost aboard the Screw. Marrk introduces Tony to an old flame while the Captain wades through the depths of co.

Season: 1 Episode: 20
The crew fold to HOMP to deliver Artur’s cargo. Some of the systems on the Screw start acting weird, but that’s just the beginning... CreditsWritten and Produced by Michael Curtis and Tim RamaekersMixed and Edited by Michael Curtis MusicOutlaw by Heartla.

Season: 1 Episode: 21
Pirates have surrounded HOM-P and somehow jettisoned many docking and habitation modules, including the one the Screw is docked in. Will they find a way to escape without drawing too much attention to themselves? Probably not...   CreditsWritten and Prod.

Season: 1 Episode: 23
After performing a risky blind micro-fold, the crew attempts to flee HOM-P and the Palm Bay Pirates through the asteroid belt. Unbeknownst to them, a detachment from the feared Kaya Squadron is hot on their tale with orders to destroy the Awkward Screw...

Season: 1 Episode: 24
After landing in an asteroid cave in the Glove Belt, the Captain is trying to seal the turret bay while Helount comes clean about the cargo and what exactly they’re carrying. Meanwhile the Pirate fighter Kaya 1 has orders to destroy a ship that escaped .

Season: 1 Episode: 25
Just as Kaya 1 is about to finish off Jasska and her N5-48, the Awkward Screw pops up on the scanners and after a long pursuit, the Screw is forced to take even more risks in their attempt to flee the Palm Bay Pirates. Then a mysterious signal begins ble.

Season: 1 Episode: 26
Helount continues investigating the mysterious signal they are receiving. While Marrk brings us up to speed on the events just after the Catastrophic Folding Field Failure that has left the Awkward Screw drifting in a region of space known as the Far Was.

Season: 1 Episode: 27
The Captain gathers the crew to discuss the importance of honesty and trust aboard a ship and to discuss the cryptic beeping emanating from the short-range coms. While, Marrk and Tony fill in the gaps of events that transpired since the Folding Field Fai.

Season: 1 Episode: 28
Strap in for the Season Finale... The tale of how the Awkward Screw came to be drifting in the Far Wastes has nearly all been told. The code has been deciphered and the crew are about to find out what it says and what that message will mean for their fut.

Season: 1 Episode: 29
The Wishbone has Folded out of the Wastes and the remnants of Kaya Squadron have fallen back to a rally point well outside gun-range of the Screw and Jasska's ship, the Luxe Vitesse, which have both been hit by torpedoes. Marrk and Tony must find the Cap.

Season: 1 Episode: 32
Adrift in the Far Wastes, Jasska’s engines are damaged and she struggles to contact the Screw while taking note of the whereabouts of Kaya Squadron. Meanwhile, Kaya 1 comes to after colliding with another ship during the melee and begins to assess the da.

Season: 1 Episode: 33
Marrk and Tony attempt to retrieve the Captain, but his tether is entangled in some damaged hull-plating on The Screw. So, Marrk undertakes his first ever spacewalk to free the tether while Jasska desperately tries to get through to them after noticing a.

Episode: 34
Just as Marrk and Tony were pulling the Captain into the cargo bay, the Screw was hit by a derelict Pirate fighter and a large mass of shrapnel. Jasska is desperately attempting to rouse them and as they come to, they discover the Captain is again drifti.

Episode: 36
With Jasska’s help, Marrk and Tony ready themselves for one last ditch effort to retrieve the Captain while contending with an inbound Pirate fighter. Meanwhile aboard the Wishbone, Helount struggles to come to terms with his actions and the path he has .

Episode: 37
After retrieving and stabilizing the Captain with Jasska’s help, Tony and Marrk are on the bridge waiting for her to return with parts scavenged from her ship to repair the Screw. Tony and Marrk have an idea to send a message over comms to the Palm Bay P.

Episode: 38
Weeks ago, Marrk, Tony and Jasska were able to get the Folding Drive and navigation computer on the Screw operational by scrounging parts from the Lux Vitesse. Now with Jasska’s ship in tow, they’ve finally arrived at the nearest port to get both ships a.

Now that the Screw has been repaired, Tony and Marrk are setting off for the former home world of the Baldacts to find a plant with properties known to bring that species out of a coma. Jasska is keeping the Captain company on the medical deck of Spacewa.

Episode: 39
On the other side of the galaxy in an unknown patch of space, Helount is conversing with what he has accepted as the spirit of his friend and Captain, Anju Jayohwen. In reality he is on the verge of a total mental breakdown while in the depths of the mas.

Episode: 40
Helount is more interested in reliving the past than accepting his current state and continues his conversation with what he believes is Anju’s spirit. Talking about the initial meeting and recruitment of Tony and how they had to escape a Mercenary Guild.

Episode: 24
There is a sense of dread in the space occupied by Helount as Anju’s spirit begins pushing him to answer for his desire to become one with the Stone, even if it means aiding the Palm Bay Pirates in their schemes. As if to demonstrate the selfishness now .

Episode: 41
As Helount continues his recollection of Marrk’s rescue from the Ninpar gang and ultimate decision to join the crew of the Screw, the spirit entity resembling Anju is pushing him to look even further into his past. Helount must accept responsibility for .

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