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RELATIVITY is a science-fiction serial about a man marooned in space and the woman on Earth who struggles to keep him alive. Find out more at!

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Episode: 1
Here is where it all begins — with howling alarms and the desperate plea: Konyechny, do you read?

Episode: 2
Chris and Sophia struggle to understand each other's predicaments.

Episode: 3
Chris pushes Sophia past her breaking point, forcing him to see her in a new light. Speaking of light, there's one still burning inside the airlock.

Episode: 4
The atmosphere of the ship changes, both literally and metaphorically -- and Dr. Mason's life monitors suggest a chilling possibility.

Episode: 5
The mystery of the Captain's suicide deepens. Sophia has advice on how Chris can reconnect with the shipmates but he's afraid to put the plan into action.

Episode: 6
Two voices reach out across the void, but are either of them heard? One faces impending death, the other faces abundant life.

Episode: 7
We learn why someone would fight and die for supplies from the Mission Control storage rooms. And we learn a good reason why nobody who's left the Earth would be in a hurry to go back.

Episode: 8
Christopher and Sophia step into unusual roles, including that of parent and child.

Episode: 9
Chris tries to figure out what exactly he heard in the Habitat, and Sophia tries to keep herself focused on the tasks at hand.

Episode: 10
A return to the damaged bridge of the Konyechny brings new surprises, including new smells. And Christopher reveals the secret he's been keeping from Sophia.

All the good news and details.

We get asked a lot of questions about RELATIVITY, and today we're going to answer some of them.

By popular demand! A site visitor requested new episodes, and here's a "behind the scenes" entry about when the new episodes are coming. (Hint: it's SOON.)

A recapitulation of everything that's happened so far.

Episode: 11
In Which Some Feelings of Guilt are Misplaced

Episode: 12
Damage is assessed: damage to the ship, damage to Chris, damage to Sophia...

Episode: 13
Access to important information is gained at last! But it's not all good.

Episode: 14
Somebody's going into space whether they like it or not.

Episode: 15
The long march to the gallows.

Episode: 16
The method for "resetting" the airlock has consequences for Dr. Mason, and Sophia defends the family secret she's been keeping to herself.

Episode: 17
He's got a plan! But will Sophia go for it? Is it even possible? And there's still the small problem of what Chris is seeing outside ...

Episode: 18
The universe, it turns out, is very very big. And so are the decisions we make about the things that matter most to us.

Episode: 19
Chris inches his way along the hull of the ship, never dreaming of the surprise waiting for him when he reaches his destination...

Episode: 20
As the physical distance between Chris and Sophia continues to widen at near-light speeds, the emotional distance narrows...

By sheer coincidence, the stars of our show end up in the same place at the same time, and recorded themselves being talking about the show, about superheroes, and about cheeseburgers (sort of).

A brief recapitulation of everything that's happened in episodes 001-020.

A sneak preview of the upcoming season! Plus a personal thank-you from Alana and Lee.

Episode: 21
The series returns at last with new intriguing developments!

Episode: 22
Sophia and Marcus try to make sense of what Sophia is sure she heard, while a new crisis arises for the still-spacewalking Dr. Mason!

Episode: 23
The robot toolkit performs a daring rescue, and Dr. Mason hears a new twist on his previous auditory experiences.

Episode: 24
Sophia actually leaves Mission Control and goes home. Chris talks to a computer and is astonished by what he hears.

Episode: 25
Existential crises abound at Sophia's home and in the Habitat. Who's having a worse time right now: Sophia or Chris?

Episode: 26
Chris learns the bitter truth about his situation, and Sophia confronts one of her own.

Episode: 27
The people who most need to be sleeping are wide awake. But after today, one of them may sleep for a long, long time...

Episode: 28
Sophia and her mother break multiple laws, and Chris has the worst nightmare of his life. But there are also moments of sublime natural beauty, touching loyalty, and above all: hope for the future.

Episode: 29
Sophia's mother takes a surprising stand, Chris starts to figure things out, and Marcus learns how hard it is to keep Doctor Mason out of danger.

Episode: 30
In the Season Three finale, you listen along with Mission Control as Dr. Mason approaches the hiding killer who's claimed the lives of everyone else on the ship.

Whither Season Four? Kyle Jones of interviews series creator Lee Shackleford. The big question: when do we get season four?

Episode: 31
Priority access to restricted computer records.

Episode: 31
The second in our series of revelations about what happened before Episode 001!

Episode: 31
The third in our series of revelations about "what happened before" ... events on the ship leading up to the fateful explosion in Episode 001.

Episode: 31
Glimpses of what's to come -- and an overview of what's come before ...

Episode: 31
The series returns with intriguing answers to many questions, and new questions arising from each revelation. Chris grapples with what he's seen in the freezer while the Mission Control people tackle a new challenge: getting Chris to where he wants to go.

Episode: 32
Chris goes reluctantly into parts of the ship he's never been to before. Marcus takes the helm! And Sophia regrets some of her life choices.

Episode: 33
Marcus and Prithvi orchestrate a rude awakening while Sophia helps someone get to sleep. Nadia discovers something strange in the air and it smells like the handiwork of Peter Miblin.

Episode: 34
Reason is powerful tool! And so, it turns out, is faith.

Episode: 35
Chris, Sophia, and Marcus hear the last recording made by Peter Miblin, and find it is full of surprises -- and horror.

Episode: 36
Chris goes somewhere horrifying, and Sophia goes somewhere dangerous ... and Marcus is sent home for his own safety.

Episode: 37
As if a hurricane wasn't bad enough, Sophia discovers a new crisis, one which requires Dr. Mason's immediate help. Meanwhile, Prithvi pries into Marcus' personal life.

Episode: 38
Marta tells her daughter the truth and Sophia tells her mother something she doesn't want to hear. Marcus stays where he is safe but his mind is trillions of miles away. And Chris gets a rare chance to do what he's trained to do.

Episode: 39
Sophia takes a break, builds a nest, and uncovers a secret. Meanwhile, Marcus learns the significance of a book entitled “Criteria of Desirable Traits for the First Generation of Humans Living on a World Other Than Earth.”

Episode: 40
Chris learns a lot of cold, hard facts. Sophia comes up with a brilliant theory. Marcus reveals the secret he's been keeping. And then something utterly inexplicable happens.

While the next season is in pre-production, we wanted to hear from fans about what they've enjoyed about the show so far. And we begin with fellow audio-drama podcaster David S. Dear, creator and voice of A NINTH WORLD JOURNAL. A fascinating conversation with a great guy!

With the next season still in pre-production, we're featuring the show's fans who also make audio fiction -- and this time it's Shannon Perry, creator of OZ-9. Enjoy, space monkeys!

The next season of our story is in pre-production so we're featuring some of the show's amazing fans, such as Ken Eckle, creator of the absurdly brilliant (and brilliantly absurd) "Podcast Reviews Reviews Podcast."

Another intriguing interview, this time with Kaitie Radel, writer and co-creator of the witty and exciting TENDRIL: THE BANSHEE CHRONICLES.

This time Lee talks with RELATIVITY co-stars Clarence "Marcus Dupree" Brown and Kyle "Raymond Miblin" Jones, who are also co-hosts with Lee on the TV-chat-podcast DISCUSSING WHO. Intriguing questions and bewildering answers abound!

A short discussion with RUKLAND, major indie-podcast booster and moderator for the Podcast Junkie Discord server. Not sure what any of that means, or what it has to do with RELATIVITY? Listen and find out!

We think you'll like it.

Lee Shackleford talks with his brother from another mother, D.J. Sylvis, creator of the popular and passionate MOONBASE THETA, OUT. They talk about everything from work habits to Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

You read that right. Lee and Alana, usually heard here as Chris and Sophia, chat here totally out of character. Unfiltered, uncensored, unencumbered.

A free-wheeling interview with Mx. Clark and Mx. Clark, creators of the immensely popular sci-fi serial drama podcast TALES OF SAGE AND SAVANT. We talk about voice acting, gender bias, Mary Shelley, John Williams, and the Dies irae. Among other things.

Recently we've interviewed so many creators of wonderful science-fiction podcasts, and that series could not be complete without a discussion with Sarah Rhea Werner, creator and star of the immensely popular GIRL IN SPACE. Enjoy this brief rendezvous of Konyechny and the Cavatica!

This time series creator Lee Shackleford interviews himself, telling about the origins of RELATIVITY. He also talks about what's coming next, and it's more than you might be expecting!

Episode: 41
The series returns with Sophia and Chris trying to make sense of their brief but intense empathic connection. Marta sets up her new living space but avoids her daughter's questions. And Marcus is the bearer of bad news to Konyechny...

Episode: 42
More bad news for Konyechny: one of the ship's vital systems is doomed to failure. Sophia's mother says she's found a new reason to live. And Chris and Sophia compare notes on their brief visit into one another's minds. Then something weird happens in the Habitat ... something very weird indeed. Fans of "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" will appreciate that since it's episode 42, there are a few remarks acknowledging Douglas Adams as a "modern founder" of our genre.

Episode: 43
Chris can't breathe in the Habitat despite being surrounded by trees and flowers. Marta thinks she is in Heaven. And Nadia urges a trespass onto sacred ground...

Episode: 44
Some snooping into Captain Sidana's private diary leads to the discovery that the Konyechny central computer is now missing a file: a volume of poetry. And Dr. Mason is advised that he should get advice from someone whose sanity is very much in question...

Episode: 45
The mystery of the missing book becomes more complicated, and this hurts Nadia deeply. Sophia urges Chris to have a conversation with a man who thinks plants talk to each other, and Nadia makes an astonishing confession...

Episode: 46
An inspection of Peter's personal quarters reveals some interesting clues ... but not as interesting as what Prithvi and Marcus have figured out about Nadia's personal filing system. All of which leads to Nadia expressing some opinions of her own.

Episode: 47
Chris has a message waiting for him, but he'll have to figure out how to retrieve it. Marta talks to someone who can't hear her, a voice speaks from beyond the grave, and Sophia impulsively does something her mother suggested -- even though Sophia thinks it's absurd. Thanks once again to Sean Michael McCord for his time and talent!

Episode: 48
A return visit from the now-familiar ghostly voices, during which pollution literally makes Sophia sick. Nadia has plans for Marcus, and Chris receives a most unwelcome call.

Episode: 49
Anger is gently deflected through the time-honored method of lying. And thus a feared enemy becomes an ally who can facilitate the long-awaited first contact with the much-sought-after You-Know-Who.

Episode: 50
Marcus proves to be a knight in shining armor, but can Sophia be rescued? Nadia's capacity for love continues to evolve, and Chris has a startling epiphany. Then, believe it or not, some actual answers concerning the mysteries of the Relativity Compensator!

Episode: 50
We hear from Kyle Roberts, Alex Kendal, Noah Slimmon, Kyle Jones, Sean McCord, Shannon Perry, Clarence Brown, and Ken Eckle!

Nadia explains how to find the new RSS feed.

A conversation with devoted RELATIVITY fan Alex Kendal, who thinks about artificial intelligence pretty much non-stop. The talk touches on computer ethics, machine learning, and love for the AI that killed a bunch of people.

Lee talks with Scottye "Prithvi Amin" Moore about Scottye's absurd number of podcasting projects, artificial intelligence, challenges of writing AF, and encounters with Chewbacca.

Episode: 50
Lee sets out to interview Stephanie (Marta Schumacher) Lindsay, but she quickly turns the tables on him because she has questions about RELATIVITY that she's always wanted answered! They also talk about voice acting, the attainment of personal goals, and THE GOOD PLACE.

Episode: 50
Shannon Perry, David S. Dear, and Lee Shackleford talk about each other's shows. A mutual admiration society.

Episode: 51
What happened to Lewis Annstee? Why is Chris so concerned about the plans for Peter Miblin's body? Will Nadia apologize to Sophia as she promised? What is Marta doing in Mission Control? Why is the Mission Control Life Sciences Monitor sitting in the Flight Director's chair? And what will Marcus and Prithvi say when they witness ... a miracle? Most (but not all) of these questions will be answered in episode 51!

Episode: 52
Our heroes have a lot of questions, and it's just possible that the elusive Lewis Annstee has the answers! Possibly even all of them!

Episode: 53
This one is all about Sophia.... what other people think of her, what she thinks of herself, how she got to be who she is, and how she's changing. Meanwhile, Nadia has been making some big plans...

Episode: 54
Nadia faces the reality of her ethical dilemma, Sophia and Marcus have some happy times before being confronted with a personal crisis, and then ... the lid gets blown off a long-held and deep-dark secret...

Episode: 55
A long-held secret is at last uncovered. Will it change Chris and Sophia's relationship forever? This episode answers that question, too, by jumping ahead a few years ...!

Episode: 56
Hurtling through the universe in a spaceship is dangerous enough ... leaving that ship and going outside to fix something, well ... that's a whole different level of danger.

Episode: 57
Can Marcus and Sophia -- with help from Nadia -- get Chris back inside the ship before all of his air vents out into space? Can Mac be persuaded to look for something every other scientist on Earth has missed? And could Dr. Mason finally be losing his one and only mind?

Episode: 58
The mysterious voice does indeed turn out to be an important person. Chris and Mac work on an idea that may change the whole world for the better, and meanwhile Prithvi is doing the same! And the day Chris has been dreading for years ... has arrived.

Episode: 59
Some connections are lost, but some new ones are forged. Chris climbs out of a hole and Nadia throws a party. And one of the longest-held mysteries of this entire adventure is finally explained...

Episode: 60
After a journey of sixty trillion kilometers, Konyechny arrives at the new world. And there are surprises waiting. Some of them are good.

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