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The Real Legitimate Anthology is a new method of storytelling. Each season is a mini-series following an individual on their journey to achieve legitimacy and fulfilment. Series 1: Real Legitimate Actors is podcast about reaching for your dreams and actually succeeding… for real. Renowned and famous Canadian actor, Evan Gorland (who lives in Toronto) presents telephone conversations between his famous, successful friends Aiden Arden (who lives in Vancouver), Sam Der Flitt (who lives in Montréal), and a series of individuals they meet on their way to becoming Real Legitimate Actors. Series 2: Real Legitimate Apocalypse is an investigative adventure deep into the heart of a sinister, deadly, Toronto-based cult. Follow Hannah Rice, emerging freelance journalist, as she reaches back in time to ancient origins, discovers horrifying revelations lurking in plain sight, and falls headlong into the grips of those hell bent on bringing our world to a fiery end. How do you survive when everyone you know has been turned against you? What do you do when your only source of comfort is what is dragging you further into control? Can Hannah Rice single handedly save her world from destruction? Real Legitimate Apocalypse begins June 1st as part of the Real Legitimate Anthology.

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A message from Ian Geldart.

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The Trailer

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A message from Hannah Rice.

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Salutem Primum

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Primum Conventum

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Schola Mortis

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Querco Collectio

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Sana Cruciatu

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Novam Domum

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Veritatis Vindicta

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Adflictus Vitam

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Amicus Malum

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Welcome to Real Legitimate Actors, a podcast about reaching for your dreams and actually succeeding… for real. Renowned and famous actor, Evan, presents conversations with his famous, successful fri...

Evan has Aiden and Sam introduce themselves. Aiden reveals he has signed with an agent, has a toothpaste commercial audition, and has met a girl named Brittany. We meet Sam’s live-in girlfriend, Lay...

Evan turns to Aiden and Sam to rehearse a scene for his acting class. Aiden goes to a party. Sam also gets a toothpaste commercial audition....

Aiden receives a call from his cousin, Avery. Sam receives a call from Marsupial Theatre. Evan writes a Canadian monologue....

Aiden introduces Sam and Evan to Brittany. Evan receives a call from a mysterious man. Sam and Evan hatch a plan....

Evan and Sam get a callback. Aiden looks for a job-job. Evan receives a call from Aiden whilst at work....

Evan travels to Montréal. Aiden receives a call from a used-book-store owner. Sam puts on makeup....

Aiden receives a call from his cousin, Avery. Sam orders a kombucha and rehearses for his play....

Avery arrives at Aiden’s bachelor pad. Evan seeks agency representation. Sam acquires his own agent. Aiden and Brittany go on a trip....

Sam falls into a sleep. Evan receives a call from a restaurant customer. Layla has exciting news....

Aiden makes a decision. Sam makes a move. Evan receives a phone call.

There is more to come in the Real Legitimate Anthology. Follow @rlaseries on Instagram to stay close. Thank you for listening, and for joining us on this journey. Trailers for our next story are coming soon.

Thank you for listening.

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