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Space. The final job before I quit. These are the voyages of 'UK Space Agency Engineering Pod Number 46'. My five-year mission: to explore the ten square metres I'm trapped inside, seek out Pluto and boldly go switch off a lightbulb. If it's still on... Welcome to our 22 part, completed scifi comedy audiodrama 'Pod To Pluto' and say hello to 'Jemima Belafonte' and her 'Pod' computer. As they try and keep each other company during a very long 4.6 billion mile trip to Pluto to go turn off a lightbulb. This story is now finished, so you can now binge listen from the very beginning all the way to the epic chaotic ending! Written by Peter Richard Adams. Starring Laura England and Wayne Russell. Directed By Peter Beeston


A scifi comedy audiodrama about taking a 4.67 billion mile trip to Pluto to go turn off a lightbulb!

Space Gangsters! The Moon's Full of Them!

That’s what we do in the political intelligencia. We use argument to obfuscate, illuminate & hypnotise.

It all begins nicely enough with a dainty tune and an easy to remember chorus, but it always ends in a dark, bleak place...

Right here; in all its wretched banal glory, is actually as good as it will ever get!

Half a decade is a long time to be together. Especially when you’re not.

Jemima, this Christmas of yours is absolutely pants!

It’s like Romeo and Juliet isn't it? Except in this version Romeo gets to live in the crypt with Juliet's decomposing body!

Boom! I will now accept my cake.

A sight more beautiful than Cleopatra, Aphrodite, Fabio and whoever that was the Trojan war was about, but all rolled into one!

if Pod is now keeping busy via his own literary pursuits, maybe Jemima can find a hobby all of her own?

You know how you like to brush each tooth separately & call them different names? Mrs Molar? Spuggy? Captain Fats? Andy McNabb?

No Tools Are Stored In This Pod Overnight

I am a Moon Gangster and I am here to steal back a skull...

Series Three of ‘Pod To Pluto’ Starts This Summer!!

It’s just a new voice with a different timbre and pitch that vibrates those silly human bones in your inner ear differently.

Families! For people who fail at choosing friends!

Morning has broken! Like the first morning! Blackbird has spoken! Like the first bird!

In the far future #SocialMedia is illegal, but we still have time to log onto SpaceBook right?

It was always going to catch up with them eventually...

Pod to Pluto will return later in 2021. Stay subscribed! Don’t go anywhere!

I Fear What They Will Do On The Surface Of Pluto....

Episode: 21
Join Jemima & Pod on the surface of Pluto as they discover that it's not exactly the planet they were expecting.

A 22 Part Sci-Fi Comedy About a Five Billion Mile Adventure to Turn Off a Lighbulb!

In the last episode of our scifi comedy, we’re about to finally turn off that lightbulb; but things are never that simple...

"Pod To Pluto - The Last Day"; the novelization of the hit Cornucopia Radio sitcom by series writer Peter Richard Adams, is now available on Amazon.

"Pod To Pluto - The Last Day"; the novelization of the hit Cornucopia Radio sitcom by series writer Peter Richard Adams.

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