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October by May is a narrative fiction podcast that envelops you in a three-dimensional soundscape of ominous occurrences and eerie tales, transporting you to that most unearthly time of year. From the morbid mythos of writer Edward T. May, immerse yourself in an aural atmosphere of setting, sound and story. With recitation and environmental audio design by James Alan May, October by May engrosses you in a novel narrative experience.

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Episode: 1
Immerse yourself in the spellbinding soundscapes of “October by May”, featuring the sinister stories of Edward T. May.  This week, step into the shoes of a kidnapping victim who awakens in the middle of an extravagant dinner party, hosted by a myster...

Episode: 2
Ashley and Zack are really impressed with the new Haunted Attraction, "Misery House".  More than your typical jump scare factory, it has an interactive meta layer of making you question your actual safety!  Well... that is just part of the experience...

Episode: 3
Bridge of Sighs: A solitary man. A deserted bridge. A lonely woman. A sinister desire. An irresistible opportunity... Scarecrow by Moonlight: A boy's window overlooks a cornfield. In the cornfield he sees a scarecrow. A Scarecrow faces a farmhouse. I...

Episode: 4
Since moving back into his childhood home, Mike has noticed an eerie repetition of situations and events that correspond to a specific summer from his adolescence. A summer… that didn’t exactly have a happy ending….

Episode: 5
Graveside Dialogue:  A cloaked figure wearing a harlequin mask stands by the grave of your favorite horror author at midnight on Halloween.  Seems normal.  You should stop and have a chat, right? I mean... what could possibly go wrong? Any Last Regre...

Episode: 6
Featuring original music by Neyla Pekarek, we explore the tale of Abigail Franklin, a midwife and herbalist executed for her supposed witchcraft. Was she as innocent as other so-called "witches"? Perhaps... but then why is the Bay Road Burial Ground ...

Episode: 7
As the World Health Council scrambles to contain a devastating plague, a small town teacher realizes that his seemingly eccentric fourth grader may actually possess a rare gift.

Episode: 8
There is something special about the paintings of Tyler Simington. Something that makes them deeply entrancing and uncommonly captivating. Something that makes them... so full of sorrow.   Feat: Freddie Stroma, Johanna Braddy, Lynda DeFuria, & Hassan...

Episode: 9
Misconceptions: Jimmy Dixon is trying to cope with life on a new planet, and part of adjusting to that life, is getting used to the constant death that surrounds him. The Reprieve: An alien has only two weeks to observe Earthly societies before makin...

Episode: 10
An entire city block, undeveloped, untouched. No litter, no encampments, no unsavory figures. Just a small grove of elm trees... and the thing that lives inside them.   "Cracking Oak Tree "sound from http://www.freesound.org/people/klankbeeld/

Episode: 11
Listen in as two subjects are investigated inside two institutions, each with very different puzzles that need solving...

Episode: 12
Hey.  Hey!  Wanna try some TISH?  You don't know what that stands for?  Don't worry about it...  Come on... just try it...

Episode: 13
Thad has found refuge in an abandoned farmhouse.  Where is the family? Did they flee? Were they taken?  Or is Thad not as alone as he had thought...   Tyler has gained a remarkable new depth to his sense of smell, but he's about to discover it's not ...

Episode: 14
"Then be ready for it," Teresa warned. "Be ready...for the thing you fear the most."

Episode: 15
"Jack-O-Lanterns" - Richard happily places Jack-O-Lantern after Jack-O-Lantern on his front porch throughout Halloween night, but anything can happen on Halloween, and even the most wholesome activity, is subject to a sinister twist.   "M.S. Found in...

Episode: 16
It's Halloween night at the Allen's house, yet there are no costumes, no pumpkins, no candy, and definitely no plans to leave the house.  The Allen's know what happens on Halloween night in their little town.  They know to stay home, to not go out, t...

Episode: 17
Brought to you by the digital magazine The Quaranzine, this fun mini ep is a bite sized, tongue in cheek treat: a blogpost written by a demonic possessed doll! 

Episode: 18
Kidnapped infants. Vicious criminals. Tireless investigators and innocent civilians. Amongst them all, can you sort out the true visionaries from the rightful prisoners?

Episode: 19
Nina is twenty-seven.  Nina has had friends, but has no friends at present.  Nina is distrustful.  Nina... is disturbed.

Episode: 20
It's an update, in December!  Listen now to make sure you're in the know on the current status and upcoming projects of "October by May". 

Episode: 21
Escaped criminally insane mental patients in the vicinity of a remote highway. You think you've heard this story before... Think again.  

Episode: 22
We all need some time for quality self reflection. Greg is grateful to have found that time, he just wishes it hadn't required being stranded on a rooftop surrounded by corpse laden flood waters to get it.

Episode: 23
An update on new full length episodes, which return Saturday Sept 11th, as well as the short poem "Disappearances".

Episode: 24
A trio of stories featuring individuals grappling with global change. One who senses change on the horizon, one trying to survive the chaos of change, and one living far into the future in the wake of great change. All of them in a world turned upsi...

Episode: 25
It’s always nice to invite new kids to play in your group. Unless that new kid is Patrick. Never play games with Patrick…

Episode: 26
Waking in a cemetery, working in a cemetery, drinking in a cemetery. Waking in a cemetery, working in a cemetery, drinking in a cemetery. Oh Ernie, if you keep this up, what will Become of you?

Episode: 27
Two tales of Halloween evenings gone wrong, told from two very different vantage points.  Why do these things always happen on Halloween?

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