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MonkeyTales is a hopepunk audio fiction anthology series arriving monthly from Monkeyman Productions.

MONKEYTALES A hopepunk audio fiction anthology series , starting in December from Monkeyman Productions. What is MonkeyTales? (What are MonkeyTales?) It’s a monthly ongoing seriesRead More

Hey folks! Your friendly Monkeyman here, D.J. Sylvis, with a quick message about all the stuff the company has coming to you in December! ThisRead More

Hi ho, D.J. Sylvis here, from Monkeyman Productions. We’re less than two weeks away from launching MonkeyTales, our new hopepunk audio fiction anthology series, andRead More

Stars is a conversation between two nonbinary lovers who have never met, brought closer by the universe that surrounds them both. This episode features SenaRead More

On a busy city corner stands a guy in a Superman suit, taking pictures with tourists and asking for donations. You gotta be a littleRead More

In a possible future, a scout ship orbits a distant planet. While the two women inside perform their duties, they reveal to one another moreRead More

Today’s episode is a tribute to a beloved and influential author in my personal pantheon, Douglas Adams.  His work has entertained and amused me forRead More

Twenty years ago, Lila and Jovette went to high school together. Neither had come out, life was far less than perfect, and they were farRead More

“The Littlest Bugbear lived in a side corridor far from the heart of the dungeon, with his Mother and Father and 1d8 siblings.” This monthRead More

“YOU find yourself sitting in a chair in a small, featureless room …” in this tribute to the most old-school style of gaming, and theRead More

Are monsters tramping down your marigolds? Creatures of the night making it difficult to have a few friends over for a cookout? Who you gonnaRead More

Trey and Tali hide out in a doorway recovering from the fear and flight of a bigoted attack. Their date ended before it really hadRead More

Two friends are cleaning out a storage area to use as a greenhouse. What they find in the process leads them to contemplate their pastRead More

Welcome to the monster world of October, where weres run free and the Moon is always overhead. Karo, born in this world but living inRead More

We meet Faith and Eliza rappelling down the side of a crumbling skyscraper, tending to the gardens they’ve planted inside. Why, and how, and whatRead More

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