MacGyver/SG-1 Audio Series

"    MacGyver/SG-1 Audio Series " Podcast
Col. Jack O'Neill has been given a gift. The knowledge that he has a twin brother. He's not just anyone though. His brother is MacGyver! Get ready for a new ongoing adventure as worlds collide and new bonds are made. Get ready for MacGyver/SG-1 An Independent Audio Series!


MacGyver SG 1 Teaser

Chapter One - Man Of Action

Chapter Two - One Of Two

Chapter Three - Two Halves

Chapter Four - Personal

Chapter Five - Shadows

Chapter Six - With A Bang

MacGyver SG 1 Promo Commercial

Chapter 7 - The Deeper Level

Chapter 8 - Sliding Scale

Chapter 9 - Searching Blind

Chapter 10 - The Long Way Home

Chapter 11 - One Touch

Chapter 12 - The Eleventh Hour

Chapter 13 - The Catch

Chapter 14 - Snagged

Chapter 15 - No Other Shoe

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