"    Ibby " Podcast
A science fiction audio drama/audio fiction podcast about AI and evil corporations, and the terrible things that happen when those things begin to mix.

Season: 1 Episode: 1
Shannon Crosdale has a very important meeting that she needs to attend and an AI that needs updating.   Follow the show on twitter   Full List of SFX and Music Attributions: - Office Room Tone - Phone Ring - Home Room Tone - City Noise ...

Shannon has her meeting with Mr. Sindell and figures some things out.   Check out the website at  (transcripts will be uploaded within a week of posting for this episode and the first episode) and a list of attributions for all episodes ....

A short interview with KAN25 news reporter Cameron Roberts.   Find more info at  or on twitter   Transcripts can be found on the website as well as the updated list of attributions, which you can also find

Finally getting to the bottom of what's wrong with Ibby and unlocking some other info.    For an ongoing list of attributions from all episodes, . This episodes transcript: To get to the website, . 

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