Harper Rose

"    Harper Rose " Podcast
Fiction audiobook following the life of Harper Rose, Sheriff of Stallford, in a world after global warming has come and gone.

℗ & © 2020 Harper Rose

Season: 1 Episode: 9

Season: 1 Episode: 8
Harper wakes to find herself in a compromised position.

Season: 1 Episode: 7
The bodies are piling up and Harper can't ignore the connections to her past any longer.

Season: 1 Episode: 6
Harper comes to grips with what she saw in the forbidden zone.

Season: 1 Episode: 5
After last night's encounter, things are awkward between Harper and Kane as they go to visit the swamp people in search of a suspect.

Season: 1 Episode: 4
Kane gets an unexpected visitor and Harper opens up to Kane about her past.

Season: 1 Episode: 3
Harper and Kane come across their first challenge.

Season: 1 Episode: 2
Harper travels to NYC to take her Sheriff exam

Season: 1 Episode: 2
Little Harper Rose has questions.

Season: 1 Episode: 4

Season: 2 Episode: 1

Season: 2 Episode: 2

Season: 2 Episode: 3

Season: 2 Episode: 5

Season: 2 Episode: 6

Season: 2 Episode: 7

Season: 2 Episode: 8

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