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Original short stories from an award-winning short story writer. New story every Sunday. "This story held me from beginning to end," reviewers said.

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Episode: 5
In this short story, a physicist navigates marriage with a woman who thinks differently than him. A family holiday weekend explodes with the unlikely catalyst of a mis-translated Welsh word.  Get the ebook "A Physicist's Guide to Love" to read Butterflie.

Episode: 6
How do people react when a spreading, worldwide catastrophe causes people to lose gravity and fall up and off the earth?  Get the ebook "A Physicist's Guide to Love" to read The Falling and 17 other stories.  Find more short story podcasts at Fresh New S.

Episode: 10
In this short story, an imaginative girl’s legends of how the world began causes her school to question if there is a problem at home. There may be, but it’s not what the school may think. Get the ebook "A Physicist's Guide to Love" to read Creation Myth.

Episode: 11
This week’s episode features the short story that won The Writers’ Union of Canada short fiction Competition. It’s also one of the collection’s three stories set in Newfoundland. Like I Was Fire is about a young firefighter, his demanding mentor, and the.

Episode: 14
This week’s story follows a family with high expectations for a special vacation, old guidebooks, and more baggage than what they checked for the flight. The White Gorilla was shortlisted for The Writers’ Union of Canada national short story competition..

Episode: 19
This week’s story features a physicist navigating love and lakes in Northern Ontario. As he returns home from working at the Very Large Array, he reflects on the events that brought him his first telescope, the girl he loved, and her enigmatic father. Ge.

Episode: 28
In The Tornado Lovers, a woman credits learning French for saving her life. Her pilgrimage to France is interrupted by a natural phenomena and a pair of young lovers with risky appetites. Get the ebook "A Physicist's Guide to Love" to read The Tornado Lo.

Episode: 29
Tune in this week for a different form of short story. Colleagues and friends remember Jack Jefferson, the Dean of Game Show Hosts. Game shows are America’s story, more than any other medium or genre, one of Jack’s writers contends. Anyone can be a winne.

Episode: 31
This episode’s short story, Tender Fruit, resonates today as people make difficult decisions about their small businesses and passions that they’ve pursued. Tender Fruit is by Deepam Susan Wadds. Tender Fruit won The Writers’ Union of Canada short story .

Episode: 33
In The Passage, a photographer reflects on how he got his start at 15 with a heart-breaking photo he didn’t expect from the girl he loved but could never have. It takes place at the beginning of the 1950s in St. John’s, shortly after Confederation, when .

Episode: 38
This week’s story, Ash, follows a young couple perilously close to the birth of their first child, the threat of ash falling on their carefully planned neighbourhood, and an older couple living next door who seem to be building a tower of household goods.

Episode: 39
This week’s story, Atomic Distances, takes us to a beach in Florida where an electrician watches over a group of partyers. He became addicted to saving people in mortal circumstances after trying to revive a colleague. That’s when he discovered the space.

Episode: 41
This week’s story, Mastering Surface Tension, is by Barbara Black. It won the Writers’ Union of Canada Short Story competition for 2017. Mastering Surface Tension takes us into the home and mind of an ordinary man with a sudden, extraordinary imagination.

Episode: 42
This week’s story is The Destroying Angel, by John Blackmore. An annual fall camping trip for three 40-something friends is upended by the inclusion of Tanner, a non-stop talker and alpha male. The situation goes from irritating to deadly with the discov.

Episode: 43
This week’s story is Skaterman by John Blackmore, and is in two parts. In Part 1, French athlete Alain Boisclair places fourth in all five speed-skating events at the Lake Placid Olympics. Bitterly disappointed, he borrows a fellow Olympian’s bronze meda.

Episode: 44
In Skaterman Part 2, French athlete Alain has triumphed in the subway as the Silver Skater. He heads to the tip of Manhattan to see the Statue of Liberty and is met by the woman who gave him the ride from Lake Placid. In the special Liberty hotel suite, .

Episode: 45
This week’s story is The Rogue Elephant, by John Blackmore. Reunite with the couple from The Tornado Lovers before they married. Charlotte and Bernard are backpacking in India and learn what happens when your sense of wonder, awe and love weakens, even i.

Episode: 46
Tune in this week for Big Bear Lake, by John Blackmore. Hearing the story of a young kid with cancer, Dan determines the boy should have the chance to go fishing, even if for just one special time. It was something his father had always promised, but nev.

Episode: 47
In Playing with Dirt, a woman who lost her husband on 9/11 deals with grief in the year after his death. He was not a victim of terrorism, but like so many in Manhattan, his body has not been found. In the following spring, she begins to discover bones i.

Episode: 48
A Nation the Size of a Thimble is based on the “micro” story that won the first Writers’ Union of Canada Postcard Story contest. Two people staying in a Halifax boarding house just after WW2 strike up a relationship based on sad stories. While visiting t.

Episode: 49
Buoyancy places us in modern-day France and a blend of fairy tales. A boy and his abandoned mother befriend a young girl living alone on a sprawling estate. The sole survivor of a family boating accident, she has made a terrible bargain to survive days o.

Episode: 50
It's Canadian Thanksgiving! We're offering a short poem from a collection that's based on seasons. This one is a wistful goodbye to summer, and to being young. We hope everyone is safe and wish you and your families health and contentment. Find more shor.

Episode: 51
Today's story is "Parallax," by Terence Young. You can learn more about his writing at "Parallax" is more a lyrical narrative than a traditional short story in that it attempts to convey the long life of a couple through a succession.

Episode: 52
"The Chemistry of Unhappiness" by Erin MacNair is a dystopian tale where humans fall victim to their own emotional states, a silent attack from the inside out can unexpectedly cause you to freeze up or burn to ash. But... there might just be a cure to sa.

Episode: 53
Welcome to our All Saint’s Eve edition of Fresh New Shorts. Listen to new short fiction from award-winning writers. The Crucifix of Nicolo Aldovrandi, by John Blackmore, pays homage to the settings, characters, and atmosphere of an Edgar Allen Poe story..

Episode: 54
Cinnamon, Sask, is perhaps the driest place on earth, with a drought spanning years. After her divorce, a woman and her son move to the town to teach. They are not the only fish out of water or waterless plain. A Dad and his daughter are building a huge .

Episode: 55
“Where Things Rise, Unannounced” by Erin MacNair won EVENT magazine’s 2018 Creative non-fiction contest, and was also long listed for the 2018 CBC nonfiction contest. EVENT magazine contest judge Lori Ann Wilson said: (MacNair) is acutely aware what’s on.

Episode: 56
In 1994, a girl and her father travel up from Newfoundland for work as the economics of home become worse and worse. Staying with friends dredges up a past incident, and the girl questions her father’s choice to put them in this predicament. Their situat.

Episode: 57
In 42, a 20-something works random midnight shifts at a fast-food joint to connect with a youth he lost. During these graveyard shifts, he competes in burger-making contests with his younger colleagues, hiding his sense of being mismatched with his age b.

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