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Original short stories from an award-winning short story writer. New story every Sunday. "This story held me from beginning to end," reviewers said.

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Episode: 5
In this short story, a physicist navigates marriage with a woman who thinks differently than him. A family holiday weekend explodes with the unlikely catalyst of a mis-translated Welsh word. Get the ebook "A Physicist's Guide to Love" to read Butterflie..

Episode: 6
How do people react when a spreading, worldwide catastrophe causes people to lose gravity and fall up and off the earth? Get the ebook "A Physicist's Guide to Love" to read The Falling and 17 other stories. Find more short story podcasts at Fresh New S...

Episode: 10
In this short story, an imaginative girl’s legends of how the world began causes her school to question if there is a problem at home. There may be, but it’s not what the school may think.Get the ebook "A Physicist's Guide to Love" to read Creation Myth..

Episode: 11
This week’s episode features the short story that won The Writers’ Union of Canada short fiction Competition. It’s also one of the collection’s three stories set in Newfoundland. Like I Was Fire is about a young firefighter, his demanding mentor, and the.

Episode: 14
This week’s story follows a family with high expectations for a special vacation, old guidebooks, and more baggage than what they checked for the flight. The White Gorilla was shortlisted for The Writers’ Union of Canada national short story competition..

Episode: 19
This week’s story features a physicist navigating love and lakes in Northern Ontario.As he returns home from working at the Very Large Array, he reflects on the events that brought him his first telescope, the girl he loved, and her enigmatic father.Ge...

Episode: 28
In The Tornado Lovers, a woman credits learning French for saving her life. Her pilgrimage to France is interrupted by a natural phenomena and a pair of young lovers with risky appetites.Get the ebook "A Physicist's Guide to Love" to read The Tornado Lo..

Episode: 29
Tune in this week for a different form of short story. Colleagues and friends remember Jack Jefferson, the Dean of Game Show Hosts. Game shows are America’s story, more than any other medium or genre, one of Jack’s writers contends. Anyone can be a winne.

Episode: 31
This episode’s short story, Tender Fruit, resonates today as people make difficult decisions about their small businesses and passions that they’ve pursued.Tender Fruit is by Deepam Susan Wadds. Tender Fruit won The Writers’ Union of Canada short story ..

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