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Audioblivious Productions is an independent Audio Drama production studio. our primary show is Wynabego Warrior The Tale Of John Waynnabe, a modern day old west comedy/parody, we also have several stand alone stories, a two part fantasy, sci fi thrillers, and three upcoming new series. we publish new episodes at least once a month.

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Hello! Thank you for finding us! Natural Selection is a survival story. A man and his son, along with a couple of neighbors find themselves in a situation they never imagined would happen. Will they make it? Do they have what it takes to survive?...

A man finds himself in what he believes are the last moments of his life, caused by a peculiar set of circumstances. My Reaper My Savior is a full cast narrative short story. An Audioblivious Production.

A modern day old west tale, wrought with peril and danger, redemption, and renewal. the tale of a man determined to find the old west that he remembers from the silver screen of his youth. 

in this episode John finds that there are repercussions from his run in with Dirty Steve Calloway.

In this episode, John aims to redeem himself in the eyes of not just the McCoy family... but the whole community of the lonely valley.

in this episode, John and the McCoy family recover from the old western style coffee bar fight, only to wake up to a shocking discovery.

in this episode, John and the McCoy's go to the independence day celebration, then have a wedding anniversary party, which ends in some shocking news.

Is this the season finale? in this episode... i don't want to ruin it... just listen...

credits: Todd Freas - acoustic guitar The Narrator- vocals

in the season finale, John, Lizzie, and Hatchet leave the lonely valley behind and start their journey, and of course, find some trouble along the way.

we were given the honor of getting involved with the 11th hour project. this is one of two offerings we helped put together. a pirate crew, down on its luck find a merchant ship and believe their luck to be changing for the better. their bad luck is...

this is our 2nd offering for the 11th hour project! written by Scott Phillips, produced by Dayn Leonardson of Koach Studios. starring Sarah Golding, Jeremy Hennessy, and Dayn Leonardson

this is the tale of how bessie, the McCoy's delicious cow died... completely by accident

in this not so mini episode we hear the story of how Lizzie and Ax McCoy first met

in this mini episode, we hear the story about the honeymoon of Clinton Westbark, and his new bride Jane.

we had the honor of being featured on Radio Drama Revival! this is the interview that aired after our featured episode!

A trailer for our upcoming two part fantasy story Shadow Of Lavenhan special thanks to Dayn Leonardson for the music and Kessi Riliniki for the cover art. You guys are awesome!

a trailer for our upcoming new show. its a news broadcast in a world where all video game characters exist in the same reality. a comedy/parody thanks to Kessi Riliniki for the incredible cover art!

a fantasy tale of a hunter and a young boy facing a darkness that terrorizes a small village. special thanks to Dayn Leonardson for not only voicing the lead character, but providing an incredible musical score, and Kessi Riliniki for her amazing...

stay tuned after the show for a special message

A trailer for the excitin' new season of Wynabego Warrior. thanks to Kessi Riliniki for the new cover art!

Welcome back! in the season 2 premiere episode, John of course finds himself in a heap of trouble! He finds out there are consequences to his actions and decisions. New cover art by Kessi Riliniki.

In this episode John respects Lizzie's wishes and leaves. Of course, things don't go the way he planned. cover art by Kessi Riliniki Music by Dayn Leonardson and Todd Freas, with additional music by Kevin Macleod at

in this episode, john meets the townsfolk of Hadleyville Tennessee, they arent very impressed. a local gang makes their presence known. music by Dayn Leonardson and Todd Freas , cover art by Kessi Riliniki

in this episode, john struggles with how to tell lizzie that Hatchet has been abducted. John and Lizzie both get unexpected visits. 

in this episode, john goes looking for help and runs into an old acquaintance, Hatchet waits patiently to be rescued, things get heated between Lizzie and Profanity Jane, Clinton tries to make amends, and the carbon foot princes receive a message from...

In this episode, John desperately tries to get to the train station before Clinton, meets a new friend along the way, but arrives too late to help.

austin had the priviledge of performing live with Pete Lutz, Ed Champion, Cora Devoir, and Derek Lutz an audio adaptation of Return To The Sabbath by Robert Bloch (author of PSYCHO)

Six android beings must cope with what it means to be human, and the terror that goes along with it. Light years from earth, who will save them when everything goes horribly wrong. Artwork by Bob Garvin Starring: Sarah Golding, Owen McCuen, Danielle...

In this episode, John, Hatchet, Clinton, and Clyde arrive at the sheriff's office. Lizzie and Profanity Jane have gotten past their differences and sit down for a meal with Granny and Gramps, and the Carbon Foot Princes plot a scheme to herald in the...

in this episode the townof Hadleyville prepares for the imminent arrival of Earthadamus Natureson. Music by Todd Freas and Dayn Leonardson. additional music by Kevin Macleod and cover art by Kessi Riliniki

In this episode, John and the townsfolk gather in the town square as the train brings the imminent arrival of Earthadamus Natureson.

a spoken word short read by written and read by scott phillips

This is It! the final showdown between John, the townsfolk of Hadleyville, and Earthadamus Natureson! is this the season finale?! Who knows!

this is it! the season 2 finale! in this episode John and the gang say their good byes and get back on the road, only to run into a little trouble. check out our website which now includes a merch store! consider...

Drew has two special guests give their predictions on the upcoming Rasslin'Lunacy 34

This mini episode takes place during Episode 1 of Season 2 when Lizzie kicked John out of Granny and Gramps' house. Sulking, John recollects the first time he got his heart broken. find all of our shows at consider...

in this mini episode a not so friendly face... with a filthy mouth to go along with it, has somehow made her way to Hadleyville Tennessee. music by Todd Freas and Dayn Leonardson, with additional gas station music by Kevin Macleod at

this mini episode takes place between episodes 2 and 3 of season 2. the Carbon Foot Princes... what a stupid name, have gathered just outside of town, preparing to make their grand entrance.

this mini episode takes place during episode 4 of season 2, in which the Carbon Foot Princes think they have "kidnapped" young Hatchet. When in reality, he just went with them because their stupidity was entertaining.

This mini episode takes place during season 2 episode 5 when Lizzie Catches Profanity Jane trying to steal Granny and Gramp's car. Lizzie and Jane finally settle their differences... with their fists... and anything else they can find!

In this Mini episode Earthadamus Natureson, the great earthen prophet, has been released from prison only to find that there wasn't a mass of followers waiting for him outside the gates, so he walks to the train station.

This mini episode takes place during Season 2 Episode 7. The Carbon Foot Princes decide to to steal a tanker truck full of fertilizer from the Duke fertilizer facility.

This mini episode is the tale of how Clinton Westbark met his faithful traveling companion, Clyde the undersized horse.

Drew Has a discussion with clean steven and Dead eye from Wynabego Warrior about the upcoming professional wrestling event while at a backyard BBQ/pool party.

In this mini episode, we hear the tale of when Dead Eye Dowling went to the train station to meet his brother, the heralded leader, Earthadamus Natureson

In this mini episode, Lizzie's Gramps tells the story of why Mr. Bumpleknob left the farm and went to live in town, and how he ended up with a shotgun tied to his leash.

in this final super special not so mini episode of season 2, John introduces Lizzie and Hatchet to the wonderful world of audio drama! they listen to an audio adaptation of Hatchet's favorite comic book, The Adventures Of Driven By Loss Nocturnal Bat...

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