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"    At The End Of The Line " Podcast
Join Richard Oliver on a tour of Post-Apocalyptic England. A mix of travel reporting, advice, news and more


The first episode sees Richard Oliver make the trip to England from France using the Continental Link Tunnel. They ignore the warnings on the seal they break to enter the tunnel. Letters from listeners about the equipment an apocalyptic travel needs, why the train has a Captain and what powers the train as well as news from around the apocalyptic world.

Also includes correspondence from listeners and news from the around the apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic world!

Episode 1 Transcript


The train comes across a town known only as The Well, where the last day before the Apocalypse is re-enacted over and over again. 

Letters from listeners concerning the name of the train, how comfortable it is on board and the many different alternate realities and timelines that exist. 

Also a round-up of all the recent 'siren calls'.

Episode 2 Transcript

The train enters the sphere of influence of strange body possessing entities, are they ghosts or something even more unusual?

In regular segment "Who's On Board", Richard interviews Wade-Adler Company Social Media Consultant Elizabeth "Lizzie" Cooper. In the Letters section Richard listeners ask about where Richard is from in England and about the facilities on board the train.

In this episode Elizabeth "Lizzie" Cooper was played by Eva Charles.

Episode 3 Transcript

Richard Oliver finds a small group of people of survivors who are completely surrounded by danger and devastation but seem completely unaware of it.

Also featuring our own take on Missed Connections personal ads - Hopeless Encounters and a review of some extreme societies that have been formed after the apocalypse.

Episode 4 Transcript

Has everyone on board the train fallen under the same malign influence that keeps them in happy ignorance of their terrible fate? Richard Oliver doesn't know or care and instead takes us on a tour of the train's basement.Featuring correspondence from lis.

The train finds a city full of monuments that were thought to be destroyed in the Apocalypse, Richard Oliver ventures off the train and finds something even more amazing.Featuring correspondence from listeners on doomsday devices, in an age of impossible.

The train finally finds a real city, with a large population, electricity and more! Only to find out the city's authorities are fighting a bitter war against a superhero who once fought for them.Also featuring a roundup of notable births, deaths and marr.

The train comes across a bizarre, over the top and vulgarly decorated complex home to some of the richest, and unhappiest, people in the world. Also featuring a section on how to be a well dressed gentleman in the post-apocalypse and a review of some oth.

In a rare moment of peace the train stops...only to be attacked with a group of people with superpowers and a grudge against Richard Oliver.Also featuring correspondence from listeners on what an eschatologist is, what's the scariest monster and what do.

Upon finding the burnt out remains of the think tank that was set up to stop the Apocalypse people on the train start acting very oddly.Correspondence on Apocalypse Industries, a listener asking if the sun has disappeared for everyone and a gift for Rich.

With the engine broken the train was stuck just as a vicious gang lead by a genius inventor arrive to make extreme demands.Also featuring job adverts for various organisations and good news stories from across the apocalyptic world. .

Richard Oliver finds a hospital with some non-traditional views on the dead, the living and those in between.Also in this episode a look at the horrific English countryside and a profile on some of the more famous "Burners". .

The train finally heads to the capital, a place previously written off as not worth going to, but an urgent need to find the will of one of the founders of the Wade-Adler Company compels them to go.Also featuring a profile of Sebastian Wade, co-founder o.

The resolution to part one - what happens in London will have consequences for the future of England and Richard Oliver.Also featuring stories on what during the final years of the London Underground and details on some of the sporting events that have f.

The train leaves London and continues on it's journey through post-apocalyptic England, heading to the small town of Longshadow, famed for it's beautiful centuries old church. Oliver and Vasker set out to explore the town but when the buildings literally.

The conclusion to the previous episode on Richard Oliver's struggles with the sinister but very beautiful Honourable Society and trying to prove why he deserves to be saved and to be unsuccessful will mean death.This episode also features Richard answeri.

A radio transmission send Richard Oliver and a team made up of bureaucrats and soldiers to investigate a small settlement but an unusual welcome has everyone on guard. Also featuring a section on apocalyptic life hacks and an interview with neo-cryptozoo.

In this episode Richard Oliver and the team from the train learn about their future in the town where they have been captured by mysterious figures who can walk through solid objects as if they weren't there. Also featuring a segment on weapons designed .

Richard Oliver, Zofia and Annette Vasker's team of cultural treasure-seekers head to the remains of the world famous Lockton University to see what if anything can be salvaged. Also featuring a section on crowd-sourcing in the post-apocalypse and an inte.

The concluding part to Plot Part 1, after investigating the ruins of the once prestigious Lockton University Zofia becomes the saviour of an extremist English Literature professor putting Richard Oliver’s life in danger. Also featuring correspondence fro.

A special minisode that was created for International Podcast Month and was originally released on the I Am Hear podcast feed. This special episode goes back to my first podcast, the Thirteen Colonie.

The train encounters Quicksand, a form of mind control they are tasked with destroying, finding the source of the Quicksand in a new town Richard and Zofia head out to explore the town only to encounter more Quicksand and those affected by it.Also featur.

With most of the crew and passengers of the train under the influence of Quicksand those not infected try to work out what to do next. Richard and Zofia find out what was really going on in the town but that does not help them at all.Also featuring a sec.

With the train under the new management of the Wade-Adler Company it’s journey is based around how to exploit the apocalypse for money. In an effort to find a weather control weapon Richard Oliver a Company team head out to a remote installation surround.

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