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A truck driver searches across America for the wife she had long assumed was dead. In the course of her search, she will encounter not-quite-human serial murderers, towns literally lost in time, and a conspiracy that goes way beyond one missing woman.

2016, Night Vale Presents

Alice Isn't Dead, a new serial fiction podcast from the team behind Welcome to Night Vale.

A conversation in a diner gets ugly.

What is happening in the town of Charlatan?

What was that sound in the trailer just now?

A delivery in Florida turns strange.

The billboards have something to tell us.

A passenger leads her far from where she planned to go.

They break into a police station.

What is happening in Victorville, CA?

Within the Wires, a new serial fiction podcast from the team behind Welcome to Night Vale and Alice Isn't Dead.

She goes home. But something is waiting there for her.

Season finale. The end of one search, and the start of another.

Cassette #1: Stress, Shoulders

Bonus Episode: A cold morning at the Grand Canyon.

Bonus Episode: A vision under a bridge.

Bonus episode: Allow me to introduce myself.

A dangerous meeting in the last free place.

A mystery at the mouth of a river.

What waits in the abandoned places?

Each Kmart sign looks like each Kmart sign; every Subway sandwich tastes the same.

Sylvia investigates her mother's murder.

Two voices in a desert.

Once a man lived at the Crystal Springs Rest Area. He doesn't live there anymore.

The return to a certain abandoned house.

A question is raised; a decision is made.

Did I know from the first time I saw you Alice? It feels like I did.

We're excited to share Night Vale Presents' fall 2017 season!

NOTE: This is the only episode of I Only Listen to the Mountain Goats that we will post on the Alice Isn't Dead feed. If you'd like to continue listening, please subscribe now wherever you listen to podcasts.

Come see us at the Largo in Los Angeles on April 5th.

There are many places I'll never go.

I know I have a lot to answer for. And I will. I’ll answer for it all.

Our special, one-off live episode as performed by Jasika Nicole and Disparition in Los Angeles on April 5, 2018.

Causality is a tricky thing.

There are oracles on these roads.

When it's time to leave, do it quickly.

Watch out for the locals.

The bad is as human as the good.

Is this it? (It isn't.)

Man, this isn’t even close to the weirdest thing.

I don't know if you deserve forgiveness.

It didn’t feel like fear. It felt like movement.

A quick update about what’s next for this podcast feed.

All road trips end.

An excerpt from the Alice Isn’t Dead novel, read by Jasika Nicole.

An excerpt from the Alice Isn’t Dead novel, read by Jasika Nicole.

An excerpt from the Alice Isn’t Dead novel, read by Jasika Nicole.

Just one week until the Alice Isn’t Dead novel is released!

A short letter to the reader from Joseph Fink that didn’t make it into the final book.

More Alice Isn't Dead and a brand new podcast!

Start With This is a brand new podcast from Night Vale Presents.

A compilation of short Alice Isn't Dead bonus episodes.

A brand new live Alice story, performed at the Largo in Los Angeles earlier this year.

We're back (for one night!)

A brand new novel from Joseph Fink, creator of the podcasts Welcome to Night Vale & Alice Isn't Dead

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