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5: The Root of the Problem

Episode: 5
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Donnie thinks he can charge in and sleuth out the root of the problem, but the swamp in Uncle Rowan's living room has other plans for the series finale.

Donald August Versus the Land of Flowers is a 5-episode fiction podcast set in suburban Florida. A 12-year-old boy and his summer nanny set out to play private investigator and instead stumble into a real mystery: a supernatural palm plant.

The writers will release a bonus episode next week, on Tuesday, September 1.

This is an independent podcast homemade by 5 pals during the coronavirus lockdown:

  • Starring Dave Cutler (Donnie, Rowan) and Katie Cutler (Lex)
  • Written by Emily Donovan and Benjamin Kerns
  • Music by Dylan Burchett

Find out more about us at our website here.

Deaf or hard of hearing? Practicing English? You can read PDFs of released episodes here.

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