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IT SUITS HER, Episode 15

Season: 2 Episode: 15
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IT SUITS HER, Episode 15

Release date: 7 November 2023


Start of excerpted transcript:

Hello. This is The 3:57 and I am the host, William Spear. You're listening to our current series called IT SUITS HER.


The story is going to start in a moment but first a few words from our friends at MADISON ON THE AIR.

(Insert Madison on the Air promo)


Thanks, Madison, and now back to our show.


The once hostile Celia and Maxie have gone from mutually assured disdain to merry delight due to their conversation with producer Tony Marks. The unemployed Celia now has a job and the unauditioned Maxie has been cast.


Help them celebrate success while they enjoy dinner right here in Episode Fifteen of . . . IT SUITS HER.


(Theme for Standing in the Cold)


Tony waved as he walked away: "I’ll see you both on Monday. And, Maxie, welcome back."


Tony disappeared into the cold and dark. The two former combatants turned and smiled at each other.


"That," said Celia. "Was incredible."


Maxie praised his new Assistant: "You were brilliant. You deserve the job from Tony."


Celia refused to take any credit: "I only got the job because Mr. Marks wanted to cast you."


"Tony's not that nice," declared Maxie. "However, getting a job and landing a part deserve a celebration. Let’s have dinner."


"Can I meet up with you?" Celia asked. "I have a phone call to make."

End of excerpted transcript.

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