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46B-Jason and the Argonauts: MacGuffin

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The quest for the golden fleece begins for the legendary heroes packed aboard the Argo. We find them making all haste for Colchis...except for all the times they stop to feast...and drink too much...and meet beautiful women...and get in unnecessary boxing matches. We also meet the princess Medea; catch up with Cupid (Eros), a hot-shot toddler who plays by his own rules; and Theseus will remember something very, very important. The creature this week is a roaring, spectral bull...who isn't all that dangerous, just incredibly annoying. Sponsors: Check out MVMT watches. They look really nice (http://www.MVMTwatches.com/myths) Blue Apron has good food that's good for the environment, but most importantly (to me) is that you can make awesome home-cooked meals with no planning. Check out http://www.blueapron.com/legends Music: "The Terrarium" by Blue Dot Sessions "Shifty Crow" by Podington Bear "Peter Gray" by Podington Bear "Midday" by Blue Dot Sessions "Krok" by Blue Dot Sessions "Jackbird" by Blue Dot Sessions "Insurrection" by Podington Bear "Inessential" by Blue Dot Sessions "Hammer and Damper" by Blue Dot Sessions "Galoshes" by Podington Bear "Fives" by Podington Bear "Dread" by Podington Bear "Chopin - Mazurka Op 67 No 3" by Blue Dot Sessions "Black Cosmos Ring" by Podington Bear See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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