"The Fakist: One Last Day" Podcast
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REPOST: The Totally Original Fakist Christmas Special

Season: 1 Episode: 8
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REPOST. Enjoy this Fakist Christmas special from two years ago, and pay close attention for hints to where we're going in our final season, coming early 2021. Happy Holidays from all of us here in Somewhere West of New York City! At a secluded karate retreat on Christmas Eve, disgraced fake news journalist Paul DaFoe is visited by 3.5 spirits who take him on a surprising journey through his past, present, and future. In Somewhere West of New York City, LeAnn stands vigilant in the control room, working to save a newscast with no anchor. Will Paul learn the true meaning of Christmas, or will The Fakist fade away forever? All that, plus ‘Twas The Night Before Kanye read by Coverville’s Brian Ibbott.

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