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117-Romanian Folklore: What did it Cost?

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This week, it's the fairy tale "Youth without Age and Life without Death", from Romania, a tale of love, loss, impossible quests, and acheiving your dreams. Also, why you shouldn't make idle promises to a kid that's just an hour old. It might end with them playing dominos with your horses and taking half of your kingdom's worth of gold.   The creature this week is the hili, from Lesotho, Africa. If you've never seen Big Bird's toilet...well...that's because it's you.   Sponsor: Check out Sacred Lies, a new series on Facebook Watch: https://www.facebook.com/sacredliesshow/   Music:   “Flutterbee” by Podington Bear “Nearly Nowhere” by Ketsa “Kestrel” by Chad Crouch “Rambling” by Ketsa “Worlds Edge” by Ketsa “Flashing Runner” by Blue Dot Sessions “Algea Trio” by Blue Dot Sessions “Traffic” by Kai Engel “Daedalus” by Kai Engel “Cold War Echo” by Kai Engel “Haunted Past” by Ketsa See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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