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Stalker From the Stars Part 2: Under the Circumstances...

Season: 5 Episode: 3
Warning: Content Marked Explicit.
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In our episode:

Jessie recaps the second third of Len Wein, Marv Wolfman, and Joseph Silva's Stalker From the Stars (1978), where Linda cracks jokes, Quartermain isSMASHCUT, and planet earth gets an out-of-town (out of space!) exile.


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From the Dust Jacket:

FAR OUT! Who's this creature Sh'mballah who controls the minds and lives of the people in Crater Falls, North Dakota?

SHOCKING! He's not a who--he's a what. He's a tentacle-waving, electrified weirdo exiled from his own planet.

BRUTAL! The Hulk thinks Sh'mballah is cruising for a bruising. But can the green goliath marvelman beat the interplanetary baddie?

COLOSSAL! General Ross of the Army is doubtful. The Hulk's faithful sidekick is doubtful. But the Incredible Hulk is sure--he won't let Sh'mballah control him. No matter what ol' fettuccine-feelers thinks!



Some relevant characters:


  • Dr. Stern: Scientist. Bruce Banner's mentor. Hires a lot of part-time help.
  • Alma : Dr. Stern's part-time "housekeeper."
  • Rick Jones: desperately needs a job. Somewhere else in the Marvel canon, he's the Hulk's best friend, sidekick, and fellow space-farer.
  • Linda Connelly: Dr. Stern's part-time "secretary." Has auburn hair.
  • General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross: Loves helicopters. Is rude.
  • Quartermain: Shield employee stationed at the Gamma Base in Crater Falls. Horny?


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