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S2 BookEND - Wait a Minute Mr. Postapocalyptic Postman

Season: 2
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Welcome to the second Season 2 BookEND - an Atomic Library mini-episode in which we follow Dr. Benjamin Brittle on his walk home.

Written and produced by Chriss Chaney and Lara Tabri. Sound editing and design by Chriss. 

Aleya Stone voiced Dr. Benjamin Brittle, Catherine Kelso voiced Gladys, Anwyn voiced The Kid, Rebecca Hale voiced the Cafcon 5 Manager, and Lara voiced Mrs. Meyer.

Music composed and performed by Jarren Chaney.

Includes a promo for the podcast Bite Size Biographies. 

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Some sounds used in this podcast came from Adobe Audition Sound Effects, and Freesound.org.

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