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116A-Mexican Legends: Alta California

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It's 1850. The gold rush in the wild west, and Joaquin Murrieta seeks a better life in the US state of California, only recently taken from Mexico in the Mexican-American War. He tries to play by the rules and live by the laws, but everything keeps getting taken from him over and over again. Tired of living underfoot in a land that used to be his homeland, Joaquin decides to stand up and take his place as one of the legendary bandits of the old west. The creature this week is the headless mule. Like, a firebreathing one that moves around, not just a dead mule. -- Sponsors: Check out Vikings on The Great Courses Plus! It's a great way to learn not just about the culture behind some of the most popular stories from the podcast, but seemingly anything. There are over 10,000 lectures available. Go to http://www.thegreatcoursesplus.com/myths to sign up for a free trial! Casper mattresses are so much more comfortable than sticks. For real. I absolutely love mine. Check out http://www.casper.com/legends and use the code LEGENDS to get $50 off your mattress purchase. -- Music: “Something Elated” by Broke For Free “Bald Eagle” by Chad Crouch “Global Warming” by Kai Engel “Emmit Sprak” by Blue Dot Sessions “Roll On” by Ketsa “Pied-billed Grebe” by Chad Crouch “Maree” by Kai Engel “We Drive 3 Days” by Blue Dot Sessions “Masked” by Ketsa “Meekness” by Kai Engel “Residual Anxieties” by Ketsa “Life in Letters” by Ketsa “Sad Moments” by Ketsa “Dangerous Swing” by Blue Dot Sessions “Wandering” by Steve Combs See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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