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111: We Are Everything, We Are Nothing

Season: 1 Episode: 111
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Episode 111: Oh gosh… there’s just a LOT going on right now. From echoing screams to an appropriately science-fiction-y orange mystery goo, the Cavatica and its inhabitants are in for a real treat/doom. Plus, X makes a new friend, gets a call from an old friend, and tries to keep the murdering to a minimum.

Transcript: https://www.girlinspacepodcast.com/episodes/2018/09/14/season-1-episode-11-we-are-everything-we-are-nothing 


Voice of X: Sarah Rhea Werner

Voice of Dr. Singh: A.R. Olivieri

Voice of Kai: Josh Crute

Voice of Charlotte: Kay Krause

Voice of Cyrus: A.R. Olivieri

Voice of Dani: Jamie Killen

Voice of Thor: Tamara Parliament

Voice of Council Member: Thoreau Smiley

Written, Directed, Sound Designed, Edited, and Produced by: Sarah Rhea Werner


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