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How Many Pastors Are Real Fishers, First? #ep325 of the "Backsliding" story on the inky I-talk podcast.

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Pastors like to preach about the fishing disciples, but how many of these pastors are real fishers first? Here's episode #ep325. Backsliding is a real life story, told with wry humor, metaphoric terms, ambiguity, innuendos, and a feeble attempt at poetry. With snippets of Jamaican Patois inserted here and there throughout, as may be found fitting. Yeah man, yes, a Jamaica yaad mi cum fram. Until next time, I remain your very best of a friend, E.K the-writingelk , and I’m out. Purchase a copy of the “Backsliding” book here. Use this Coupon Code: BREAKOUT01 when you pick up the Shi t Depot book on NotionPress and save upward of 50%. Listen to the previous episode here. To start at the beginning, go here

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