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Chapter 8

Season: 1 Episode: 8
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The gang meets up with Yanek at Disneyland, but there may be some unexpected guests. It's the series finale of 1994!


1994 Chapter 8 stars:


James Oliva as Scott Sweet


Jordan Cobb as Carrie Bird


Paul Miscavage as Jack M


Julia Schifini as Andi


Chad Ellis as Rocky


JV Hampton-VanSant as Jack T


Gabe Templin as Ted


Sarah Golding as Starla


Elie Hirschman as Lucas


Erin king as Deirdre


Thoreau Smiley as Sarge, Bobby and Yanek


Graham Rowat as Feather


Ellie Gossage as Shannon


Ellie Collins as Mrs Sweet


Jeff Moon as Phil


Cynthia Reinhardt as Mrs M


Joshua Cicci as Richard Sweet


Marisa Cardin as Jennifer


Alaric Weber as Mr T


Jerry Wagner as Mr Bird


Andrea Martinez Cicci as Cheerleader


Zane Sexton as Preppie


1994 was written, produced, scored and edited by Thoreau Smiley


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