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Fifty Shades of Dave Omnibus - The 'Hole' Lot.

Season: 1
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Set over just one week, the story follows protagonists Rosie (Claudia Grier) and Neil (Curtis Ledsham) hosts of the popular local Radio show ‘The Greenhouse’. All’s well until the show receives a tweet from a man who needs their help. A man who says he isn’t coping. A man named ‘Dave’. 

‘Fifty Shades of Dave’ has been best described as a brutally honest, ‘warts and all’ exposé of the perception of male mental health in modern society; specifically, the north of England. It’s often brash and unashamed narrative unapologetically reflects actual life events of the writer and blends risqué, tongue in cheek humour with gut wrenching drama and heartbreak as told through the troubled character of ‘Dave’.

If you’ve been effected by mental health issues and you’d like to share your story, please find us on Facebook and Twitter @fsodofficial and post with the hashtag #wearealldave. Copyright 2019 Bad Ant Productions.

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