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The Beaver of Fairy Hole - Signal Fragment 5

Episode: 10
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Lost Signal Society




The Beaver of Fairy Hole


High Strangeness abounds in this new signal fragment from everyone's favorite bizarre radio. This time an animal ghost makes an appearance during a family camping trip.

-November 19-

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Signal Fragment 5 Caller - Christa Pagliei

Rattenkönig - David Thomas Tao


Written by Christa Pagliei

Produced by Michael Dondero & Christa Pagliei

Theme Song by Ryan Beppel




The following sounds are from FREESOUND.ORG

and are used under a 0 CC or an Attribution License.


Thank you to the following freesound.org site users


Gowlermusic - radio static


All other sounds created/recorded by Lost Signal Society

Lost Signal Society was created by Christa Pagliei and Michael Dondero


-Catch the Signal-


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