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BONUS: The Historical Natives | Coast Salish | Sasquatch

Episode: 14
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Happy Indigenous People's Day! Enjoy this preview episode from The Historical Natives, a horror-themed podcast about Native American history, culture, and folklore. Follow The Historical Natives and check out their full-length Sasquatch episode on November 30, 2021!

BUT FIRST, Julie talks about Indigenous horror writers for like 5 minutes.

[0.00 - 5:24] - Julie chat

[5:25 - End] - The Historical Natives - Coast Salish - Sasquatch



  • Julie's preamble
    • Taking Me High, Taking Me Low (Instrumental Version) - Gold Flow
    • My Brother - Yi Nantiro
  • Intro to Historical Natives Episode:
    • Eerie Music Box 2 - Natalie000
  • Background: People:
    • Daniel Birch - Indigo Shore DooDoo - Unknown
  • Background: Being:
    • Haunted Woods - Dark Music Radio Silence - Dark Music
  • Background: Call to Action:
    • Creepy Night - Astrofreq
  • Story Intro:
    • Samuel Francis Johnson - Creepy Ambient
  • Outro of Episode:
    • AQUI - Charles Michel

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